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303Endurance Podcast

Feb 13, 2021

Barry Siff has been a leader in the multisport industry. He's a lifelong athlete having been an adventure racer, finishing at least a dozen Ironman races, and an ultrarunner who just finished 2nd at the  Badwater 267 VR during the month of January. 


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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview with Barry Siff
  • Endurance News - UCI bans forearm riding; Diversity in Cycling from the ground up
  • What New in the 303 - Jen Barbour on the Triple ByPass; Deb Conley CU Sports Hall of Fame
  • Video of the Week - Veejay Jones demonstrating OCR skills


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Interview with Barry Siff

Barry Siff has served the multisport industry as a Level 2 USAT Certified Race Director building 5430 Sports into eight events with over 7,000 athletes (Boulder Peak Triathlon, most notably).  He is a Level 1 USAT Certified Coach, was President at USAT for 5 years and currently serving as a Board member.  He serves on the Age-Group Commission and the newly formed Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Commission of World Triathlon (ITU).  He consult and speak in the world of endurance events and leadership, as well as write for many publications and popular websites.        

If you follow Barry on Twitter, you know he has a general love of sport.  Not just multi-sport - all sports!  He's a fan, he's an athlete, he's a leader of the industry, let's get into our interview and hear what the next step in his endurance journey is going to be. 


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Endurance News:

UCI to ban forearms time-trial position on road bikes

First the super tuck, and now the popular breakaway position get the ax from the UCI, starting April 1.

In a memorandum issued on February 8, the UCI indicated it will ban riders from racing with their forearms on their handlebars, in a time-trial like position, when on a road bike.

Last week, the UCI indicated it would begin to enforce the rule prohibiting riders from the ‘super tuck’ descending position, where a rider sits on the top tube and curls into a tight position on a downhill. The news was greeted with mixed feelings, and VeloNews debated the merits of the rule and the UCI’s renewed interest in enforcing it.

Both rules will start being enforced — and this is apparently not a joke — on April 1.


Diversity in US cycling: How inclusion is being 'built from the ground up'

During Black History Month, we check in with the national federation about its new grant programme.

In 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement and the mass protests across the country highlighted the vast racial inequalities in the United States. It also forced the country's cycling federation to look closer at the lack of diversity in the sport and make plans to make cycling more inclusive.

"We are committed to finding ways to make cycling look more like the population of the United States but we're a long way from that," CEO Rob De Martini said at the time.


What's New in the 303:

Jen Barbour of Team Evergreen and Triple Bypass Shares What She Loves About it and What's New

If you have ever met Jen Barbour, the Executive Director of Team Evergreen, who puts on the annual Triple Bypass, you have felt her passion for cycling and equal compassion for people. In an organization who exists to raise money for local charities while riding bikes, she is the perfect fit.

That passion punches a big energy punch too, and like the way she rides a bike, her efforts are relentless and enduring. She has been swamped this year with the recent acquisitions of the Bailey Hundo, and Beti Bike Bash. Then add in the new Floyd Hill Sessions Series (Mtb weekly timed enduro series) and Co2ut Gravel Ride along with all the COVID challenges and working on the Triple Bypass and Bob Cook Mt. Evans Hill Climb, Jen is, well, buried. We managed to sneak a few minutes of her time and ask a few questions about the Triple Bypass and Team Evergreen.


Vulnerable Wheat Ridge/CU Grad Deb Conley Overcoming Major Adversity On Way to the Hall of Fame

Deb Conley started running for the first time the summer before attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. She ran just to run with a new boyfriend. Like three miles. A couple of months later she walked on to CU’s cross country team and has been running ever since.

And just recently, she was inducted into the Colorado Running Hall of Fame. Wow. She never played sports growing up, never ran, never did anything but work and go to school.

In this video interview, Deb expresses a surprised happiness after being selected for the Colorado Running Hall of Fame. But she also shares something vulnerable; how running in college was the first time she ever experienced feeling truly happy.  What's not really discussed, is the rocky and almost impossible path she took to get here.


Video of the Week:

Technique Tuesday  - Ep. 2 - Rope Climb


Upcoming Interviews:

Professional Obstacle Racer, Veejay Jones. He's the North American OCR Champion at the 3k, he's the Youngest Spartan Race Winner in the History of the Sport, Youngest National Championship Series Spartan Race Winner, and called "The Prodigy" from Million Dollar Mile on CBS.


Roderick Sewell - CAF Ambassador, Roderick Sewell never dreamed of participating in sports as he and his mother lived hand to mouth.  Today, he is a swimmer representing Team USA.  Roderick had both legs amputated before his second birthday due to severe deformities that prevented him from walking.  » Roderick Sewell (


Rocky Harris - Rocky Harris, CEO of USA Triathlon is joining us to talk about the Endurance Exchange, the State of the Sport and the latest on USAT strategy.



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Happy New Year!  Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!