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303Endurance Podcast

Jan 16, 2021

We continue our inspiration series with a shift to a story about Brian Wiens who this past summer had skied every month for the last 25 years (300 months) here in Colorado.  As I understand it he's continued and should be somewhere around 308 months by now. 

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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview with Brian Wiens
  • Endurance News - Endurance Exchange, Ice Swimming Record, Team UAE Covid vaccined
  • What New in the 303 - Colorado Classic cancels 2021; resume 2022
  • Video of the Week - Garage Talk with Eric Kenney


Interview Sponsor: UCAN

How to Know When to Keep Pushing, By Sara Hall, Elite Marathon Runner

I’ve been doing some thinking about this – if you’re failing at something, how do you know when to keep pushing through and when to move on/redirect? Our culture glorifies never giving up on your dream (yet simultaneously loves to declare someone is “done”),but for how long and when do you say “when”? Mine is an experience of one, but here are the things along the way that made me decide to continue pushing vs. hang up my racing shoes.

Sara Hall is one of the top marathoners in the world and the 2nd fastest U.S. marathoner of all-time. In 2020, she set a new marathon personal best of 2:20:32 at The Marathon Project and became the first American to podium at the London Marathon since 2006, placing 2nd.  Learn more about how Sara fuels her training with UCAN.

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Interview with Brian Wiens

When COVID-19 shut down ski resorts in Colorado. Brian Wiens went into the backcountry in March, worrying if the pandemic would stop his streak and his goal of skiing 300 consecutive months in Colorado.  In the winter months, skiing at the resorts is a peace of cake.  Even at my most committed I may have strung together a couple seasons in a row of skiing November to April.  Sure some places like A-Basin are open until June and opens in October/November.  If you want to ski in July or August, your putting  your skis on your back and hiking a few hours to find a snow field above 12-13,000 feet.  Imagine the discipline and commitment (and hopefully some cool stories) to do 12 months in a row.  Now multiply that by 25.  Let's talk to Brian Wiens.


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Endurance News:

Cycling-Tour champion Pogacar and UAE Emirates mates first team to get COVID-19 vaccine

(Reuters) - Tour de France champion Tadej Pogacar and his UAE Emirates team mates has been vaccinated against COVID-19 at a training camp in Abu Dhabi, the team said on Friday.

“The riders and staff of the Tour de France 2020 winning team UAE Team Emirates have taken the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention approved COVID-19 vaccine developed by Sinopharm CNBG,” UAE Emirates said in a statement.

“A total of 27 riders, including the Tour de France 2020 winner Slovenian cyclist Tadej Pogacar, plus 32 staff have now received the vaccine.”  They are the first professional cycling team to be vaccinated.



Editor’s Note: This swim was done by a professional under the supervision of other professionals. Do not attempt this, or anything similar, on your own.

Just when you thought your morning practice jump-in was cold, Moscow swimmer Yekaterina Nekrasova went ice-swimming in her native Russia in order to claim a new world record.

Swimming on Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest lake, the finless Nekrasova swam under ice for 85 meters without surfacing. The previous record of this type stood at 70 meters set by South African Amber Fillary in Norway in 2019. The water temperature was said to be 0ºC or 32ºF and 40-year-old Nekrasova completed the feat sans wetsuit. (Moscow Times)

In the video below showing her new world record-setting ice swim, you can see where her support team cut through the estimated 25 cm-thick ice at regular intervals in order to assist Nekrasova should she need to abandon the effort.

But Nekrasova is apparently just getting started. State-run media reported her coach, Russian Winter Swimming Federation Head Andrei Bugai as saying, “Ekaterina plans to overcome 100 meters this year.”


What's New in the 303:

Colorado Classic Plans a Return to Racing in 2022, Cancels 2021 Event

The Colorado Classic® presented by VF Corporation, America’s premier women’s only racing event, today announced its plans to return to racing in 2022 and not hold an event in 2021.

Following an overwhelming success in its debut as a women’s standalone event in 2019, racing worldwide came to a halt at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite their fierce commitment to creating an innovative and safe live racing model, organizers behind the event had to cancel the 2020 edition due to ongoing health concerns.

Now, with the 2021 race season looming, the pandemic situation remains uncertain at best. As such, organizers decided to not push forward with a 2021 event.

“In 2020, we spent months working tirelessly in conjunction with State, County and City organizations, health authorities, and the sports governing bodies to come up with a COVID mitigation plan that would ensure the health and safety for everyone. In the end, the most prudent decision was still to cancel the event. With the current situation being just as uncertain as it was last year, we don’t think it makes sense — financial or otherwise — to organize a 2021 event and risk another cancellation,” said Ken Gart, Chairman of RPM Events Group, the organizers of the Colorado Classic.

“This is not an easy decision to make. We know that this race holds an important place on both the domestic and international race calendars, and we remain committed to our goal of being the best women’s race in the world. But we hope that by delaying the event to 2022, the pandemic will have stabilized and we’ll be able to secure the necessary financial partners to do our event justice and host another game-changing, world-class event as we did in 2019.”


Video of the Week:

Eric Kenney, Boulder based Triathlon Coach


Upcoming Interviews:

Chaz Davis @blackkidrunning has since traveled across the country to compete, holding three American records and, most recently, was named the 2018 United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) Men’s Marathon Champion. Chaz looks forward to this new chapter in his life with his dog Tricia as he pursues his Master’s degree in social work to help people with disabilities. He was recently featured on the Disney+ series IT'S A DOGS LIFE.



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