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303Endurance Podcast

Oct 16, 2021

Any given weekend there are half a dozen IRONMAN races.  What is driving the weekly surplus of IRONMAN races?  How are they not cannibalizing themselves?  How can a single island support both IRONMAN and CHALLENGE races on the same day?  Speaking of big races on the same weekend, we are also discussing the Boston and Chicago Marathons that just happened this past weekend.  Plus "Remote Racing" by and USAT.  

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In Today's Show

  • Discussion
    • IRONMAN Races This Weekend and Next - Are there too many?
  • Endurance News
    • Chicago (Oct 10) and Boston (Oct 11) Marathon Results
    • Remote National Championship, and RaceX
  • What's new in the 303
    • Utah’s Unique Mountain Bike Hut System Unites a Group of Colorado Cyclists
    • Behind the Scenes with Racing Underground
  • Video of the Week
    • Justin Metzler doing Ironman California


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Discussion: Upcoming IRONMAN Races - Too Many?

IRONMAN Races Next Two Weekends

10/16: 70.3 and 140.6 Alcúdia-Mallorca Spain (east)

10/16: Challenge Peguera Mallorca (west) 77k away

10/17: AZ 70.3

10/23: NC 70.3, 140.6 Portugal, 140.6 Waco

10/24: 70.3 Portugal, 70.3 Greece Costa Navarino, 70.3 Waco, 70.3 Sardegna, 140.6 California


IRONMAN California

IM California (

American River (Folsom), CA water temperature in October (

Ironman California 2021 (MPRO-only, Oct 24th) – Entry List | TriRating


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Endurance News:


2021 Boston Marathon results: The winners list and official times

Men’s race: Benson Kipruto won his first Boston Marathon after finishing 10th in 2019. Kipruto made a decisive move in Mile 23, running it in just 4:29. He then upped the tempo in Mile 24 (4:25), finishing with an average mile pace of 4:58 and a 46-second margin of victory.

  1. Benson Kipruto (2:09:51)
  2. Lemi Berhanu (2:10:37)
  3. Jemal Yimer (2:10:38)


Women’s race: Diana Chemtai Kipyogei won her first Boston Marathon after withstanding a late charge from 2017 champion Edna Kiplagat. Kipyogei pulled away from Netsanet Gudeta at Mile 23.

  1. Diana Chemtai Kipyogei (2:24:45)
  2. Edna Kiplagat (2:25:09)
  3. Mary Ngugi (2:25:20)


2021 Chicago Marathon Results and Tracking: How To Track Runners For The 2021 Chicago Marathon -

Top 10 Men’s

  1. Tura Abdiwak, Seifu (ETH) 02:06:12 – 0:06:28 (2:06:12)
  2. Rupp, Galen (USA) 02:06:35 – 0:06:42 (2:06:35)
  3. Kiptanui, Eric (KEN) 02:06:51 – 0:06:46 (2:06:51)


Top 10 Women

  1. Chepngetich, Ruth (KEN) 02:22:31 – 0:08:11 (2:22:31)
  2. Bates, Emma (USA) 02:24:20 – 0:07:33 (2:24:20)
  3. Hall, Sara (USA) 02:27:19 – 0:08:04 (2:27:19)

USA Triathlon has partnered with RemoteRacing™ to host the first first Remote National Championships, an opportunity for athletes from across the United States to compete for an Olympic and sprint-distance national championship regardless of where they live and train. Using RaceX's RemoteRacing™, results are normalized to create a fair and level playing field and final results are localized to the course at the 2021 Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee. Finish times for all athletes will be as if everyone was competing on the same course, in the same climate, on the same day.

RemoteRacing™ accounts for both environment and terrain, including heat, humidity, wind, elevation, and elevation gain. What is equalized? Results are equalized for both age and gender, so you can get a true sense of how you stack up.

Note: RaceX is a sister company to TriDot.  Amazing software that solves a lot of problems with training.  Listen to episode 299 for more on that topic, and tune in in a couple weeks for our interview with Matt Bach from TriDot.


Event Details

Dates – November 11–21 (registration opens October 7)

Format – Sprint and Olympic distances


Cost – $45 for athletes who register by Oct. 21 and $50 starting on Oct. 22. A portion of the proceeds will support USA Triathlon Foundation's mission to transform lives through sport by opening pathways for all to swim, bike, and run.

Qualification – No qualification is required to compete and competing in the event does not qualify you for anything, including 2022 Toyota Age Group National Championships nor Team USA. This event also does not earn you points toward your ranking. This competition is solely for bragging rights (and fun awards!).

Race Format and Rules

The Race Window will open at 12:01am CT, Thursday, November 11, 2021, and close at 6:00pm CT, Sunday, November 21, 2021. Race activities must be done in swim, bike, run order.

Swim – Swims must be done in standard-length pools (25 yards, 25 meters, 50 meters) due to inconsistent access to open water for many athletes and inaccurate results from open-water swims due to various water conditions. Athletes may complete their swim at any time during the Race Window prior to starting their bike or run.

T1 – The time between the swim and bike is unregulated due to inconsistent pool accessibility and proximity to adequate bike and run route

Bike – The bike may be completed indoors or outdoors either with or without a bike power sensor. Differences in power sensor accuracy ratings is handled automatically by the system.

T2 – The run must start within 10 minutes of finishing the bike

Run – The run must be done outdoors

Register today! For more details, please visit


What's New in the 303:

Deb Connelly, Running Hall of Fame, Denver Athletic Club

Deb Conley started running for the first time the summer before attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. She ran just to run with a new boyfriend. Like three miles. A couple of months later she walked on to CU’s cross country team and has been running ever since.

And just recently, she was inducted into the Colorado Running Hall of Fame. Wow. She never played sports growing up, never ran, never did anything but work and go to school.

In this video interview, Deb expresses a surprised happiness after being selected for the Colorado Running Hall of Fame. But she also shares something vulnerable; how running in college was the first time she ever experienced feeling truly happy.  Whats not really discussed, is the rocky and almost impossible path she took to get here.

If you knew Deb in high school you probably would never have foreseen her making the Colorado Running H.O.A.  But like 99% of her classmates, I had no idea how hard her life was until we reconvened about this honor almost 40 years later.

My high school experience differed greatly from Deb’s even though we both went to Wheat Ridge and graduated in 1983. I played sports, didn’t work, had a car, stayed busy with practices and homework and hanging out with friends. Admittedly, I led the “Leave it Beaver” lifestyle (yes I’m dating myself), like a good chunk of my fellow “Farmers” (our mascot).

Deb, living just a few miles away lived in poverty. Her mom forged her birth certificate when she was 13 so she could work. Her bed was an old army cot. They had no refrigerator and the house was in disrepair. Her parents didn’t want her to go to college but rather help with the other kids. There was no modeling of “success” or “ambition” in her home. Yet she excelled at school and knew she had to figure out a way to go to college. She admittedly didn’t understand true happiness and felt lonely.

Her friend and fellow classmate, Chris Tomlinson, one of the few who knew of Deb’s tough childhood said, “she was very smart, but seemed anxious and isolated. It seemed touch and go for her.”


Wendy Koenig

A middle distance runner, Wendy Koenig competed seven times for the United States in international dual meets. She was a three-time AIAW Champion, in 1975 in the 880 yards, and in 1976 at both 800 and 1,500 metres. Koenig also won three AAU titles, outdoors in the 1973 880 and in 1976 in the 1,500, and indoors in the 1979 800. On 24 March 1973, she set one of the very early world records for the 400 hurdles with 59.08, the first woman to run the event under one minute. Koenig ran for Colorado State University, and competed at the 1972 Olympics as Wendy Koenig and the 1976 Olympics as Wendy Knudson.

Personal Bests: 440y – 54.60 (1975); 800 – 1:59.91 (1976); 1500 – 4:21.80 (1976); Mile – 4:47.7i (1976); 3000 – 9:49.0 (1976); 2 Miles – 10:34.0 (1976); 100H – 14.8 (1971); 400H – 59.08 (1973); HJ – 5-5 [1.65] (1974); LJ – 19-10¾i [6.06] (1979); Pen - 4167 (1971).



Utah’s Unique Mountain Bike Hut System Unites a Group of Colorado Cyclists

Posted on October 12, 2021

By Bill Plock

In south central Utah surrounded by National Parks, ancient river beds and views of what was once the floor of a great sea bed, lies a system of huts sheltering mountain bikers as they wind through the Escalante Plateau.

The area, more than twice the size of Rhode Island is bordered by Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef National Parks and Lake Powell. It offers a huge variety of terrain tempting all levels of cyclists to explore the high deserts, deep canyons, daunting plateaus and sandy washout basins.  Coming from Colorado, a beautiful drive takes you from Green River, Utah southwest to the town of Escalante where the 190 mile Aquarius Trail Hut System ends. When you arrive, someone from Aquarius takes you and your bike West to Brian Head where the adventure begins.

The “huts” are shipping containers repurposed and carved up to make sleeping accommodations and a kitchen for 12 cyclists. As Jared Fisher, owner of Escape Adventures, who dreamed up this hut system says, “It’s like putting together a lego house. It takes four containers to make a “hut” and we cut them, install windows and doors and add the bunks and appliances.” The huts are “off the grid” operating by solar and propane complete with compostable toilets and showers. When all the expenses are accounted for, a hut will cost about $200,000 to build and install. They are serviced by staff each day bringing in fresh food, linens, and fuel.

Scattered on the Escalante Plateau National Monument, the huts are a welcome reprieve from some challenging days on single track and dirt roads taking riders up epic climbs to amazing views. They are fully stocked with gourmet food, snacks, beverages, water, showers and everything to make it as comfortable as possible. Guest can cook on the grills outside and cozy up to fire pits to take the high desert chill away.

The group I joined is mostly from Colorado and gather once in a while at destinations like this. They had a sag truck to carry some provisions and the group dog. All seemed to love the hut and the route and the abundance of food and snacks. Said one rider, “they even have Peanut M&M’s” which seemed to be an important provision.

The daily routes are between 25 and 40 miles with options for longer treks to scenic spots. After the group breakfast, riders had all day to make it to the next hut and when possible the sag truck would park somewhere in between with refreshments. Said Jeff Oehm of Lakewood, “The huts are well thought out and stocked with good food and comfortable beds. The trails and roads were great and very challenging in places. This part of Utah is stunning and so uncrowded, was well worth the drive from Denver.”

Fisher’s company provides destination, endurance oriented travel experiences all over the world and discovered this area about 10 years. He lives in Las Vegas, operates three bike shops and has built a company revolving around the bike. It took a while to get the permits to start installing the huts and connecting the trails. He said, “Covid actually helped push this project to the finish as the Forest Service was able to re-evaluate the situation and we got approval last year. This is our first year of operations and it’s gone very well. We have accommodated over 500 cyclists this summer. Any tour operator would be happy with that I think.”

The experience can be customized to accommodate a private group or open to a single rider with a variety of diets and food preferences. They also have bikes, and e-bikes for rent.


Upcoming Guests

Matt Bach from TriDot

Jared Fisher Escape Adventures


Video Of The Week

Deb Conley--Talks about her amazing journey landing her in the Colorado Running Hall of Fame


I'm doing IRONMAN CALIFORNIA - Justin Metzler



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