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303Endurance Podcast

Nov 17, 2023


Welcome to Episode #414 of the 303 Endurance Podcast. We're your hosts Coach Rich Soares and 303 Chief Editor, Bill Plock. Thanks for joining us for another week of endurance news, coaching tips and discussion.


We are excited about this week's guest interview. Marcel van Garderen is going to share his lens on cycling as a competitive cyclist, official, moto for live coverage and of course a the father of pro cyclist Tejay van Garderen. Plus it's been a big news week with the revelation of a Tri Bike Transport lawsuit and Global Cycling Network GCN+ announcing they are shutting down their service in December. We also have a preview of IRONMAN Cozumel pro race this weekend.

Just because your wheels are tubeless able, should you?

Colorado's Ride


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In Today's Show

  • Feature Interview - Marcel van Garderen
  • Endurance News - IMCOZ, GCN+ to shut down, 100s of athletes impacted by TBT bankruptcy
  • What's new in the 303 - Collen de Reuck 5K; Colorado's Ride Returns and Registration Open
  • Video of the Week -
  • Top of the Week - Replay of Getting Your Bike To/From your Race


Feature Interview: Marcel van Garderen


You name it, Marcel has done it. At least when it comes to cycling. Marcel was an amateur rider who once aspired to turn pro, and still competes at the Masters level. He is also a bike race official, moto for professional races including IRONMAN. You may also be familiar with his son Tejay van Garderen who was a top pro cyclist for years.



Endurance News


GCN+ to close down in December as race broadcasts move to Discovery+ and Eurosport



180 Bikes From World Triathlon Championship Finals Being Held By TriBike Transport Cargo Shipper


IRONMAN Cozumel: Start time and how to follow live as Sebastian Kienle heads into retirement


What's New in the 303:




Colorado's Ride Returns


Video of the Week:

A dramatic end to the World Cup race in Chile saw Gwen Jorgensen (USA) run down the field to earn the fourth gold of the season. Gina Sereno (USA) was awarded silver and Vicky Holland (GBR) ends the season with World Cup bronze. The first two women who crossed the finish line -Katie Zaferes (USA) and Teresa Zimovjanova (CZE) along with two other athletes were disqualified due to taking the wrong turn on the run course.

Highlights: 2023 World Triathlon Cup Vina del Mar - Elite Women




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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!