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303Endurance Podcast

May 7, 2022

Today is our interview is with Suzie Snyder. Suzie Snyder (Boulder, Colo.) . USA Triathlon in March announced Suzie earned top honors for Women’s Elite Off-Road Triathlete of the Year. Snyder, 39, placed sixth at the XTERRA World Championships, and picked up wins at XTERRA Beaver Creek and XTERRA Oak Mountain. Snyder also took fifth at the XTERRA Pan American Championship in Ogden, Utah.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview with Suzie Snyder
  • Endurance News
    • IMWC St George
  • What's new in the 303
    • NYC Ride
    • Ride The Rockies
    • Comparing federal eMTB rules and directives
    • What You Need to Know About New Colorado Safety Stop Law
    • New Bike Day and High Grade Ride
  • Video of the Week
    • Suzie Snyder Xterra Profile


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Feature Interview: Suzie Snyder


SUZIE SNYDER Boulder, CO, United States


15 years


XTERRA Certified

Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Springfield College, MA (2006)

B.S Physical Education, Springfield College, 2004

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

USA Triathlon Level 3 Certified

USA Cycling Level 1 Certified

USA Track and Field Level 1 Certified



My coaching experience includes athletes of all kinds; XTERRA and Ironman triathletes, road, mountain bike and cyclocross riders, and elite level tactical athletes (FBI Hostage Rescue Team, SWAT Teams & K9 Units, and US Army Special Forces teams). I've also enjoyed the challenge of coaching tactical athletes who are also competitive endurance athletes as the demands of each are significantly different and difficult to balance. 



My passion lies in coaching anyone with a goal and a drive to challenge themselves, but feel it is also very important to emphasize balance. Endurance athletes tend to set high goals and rather than needing to be pushed, they sometimes need to be held back a touch in order to maintain balance in all aspects of life-  work, family, hobbies, training and racing, as well as balancing endurance training with strength and injury prevention. For most of us, attention to detail and doing "the little things" that we don't like or want to do can make a huge difference in both our daily lives and athletic performance, but need to be held accountable by someone else in order to actually do them!


Endurance News:

IRONMAN World Championship presented by Utah Sports Commission, both the female and male professional triathlons will have live race-day coverage globally via IRONMAN Now™ available on Facebook Watch as well as on NBC’s streaming service, Peacock. The live coverage will offer millions of fans around the world digital access to the event activities, with the ability to follow along and support their favorite athletes in action, while witnessing the breathtaking views of Southwestern Utah, USA via computers and mobile devices.


For more information about the 2021 Intermountain Healthcare IRONMAN World Championship presented by Utah Sports Commission event, please visit


The Ironman World Championship in St. George features a stellar cast of athletes seeking glory. Learn about the contenders in our race preview.



The stage is set for the ‘Battle of Champions’ at the Ironman World Championships in St. George, Utah. This is the first time that the race will be held outside the island of Hawaii and provides a brand new and challenging course for the athletes to contend with.


The strength of both the men’s and women’s fields is seriously impressive with Olympic champions, multiple Kona winners, young blood and experienced veterans creating a plethora of athletes who could contend for the win or reach the podium.


However, the lack of athletes including Jan Frodeno, Patrick Lange, Joe Skipper, Laura Philipp and Lucy Charles-Barclay – unable to race due to injury or illness – will no doubt shake up the race dynamics as triathlon looks to crown its first IM world champ since October 2019.



Thorsten Radde's Report


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What's New in the 303:

Comparing federal eMTB rules and directives

In the last few years, federal agencies have undergone processes to revise policies regarding eMTB access and management. With both the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) guidance and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rule now finalized, IMBA's Policy Manager Aaron Clark has analyzed both in-depth to compare similarities, differences, ramifications and next steps for eMTB access on the federal public lands mountain bikers ride and steward most. We want to hear the community’s questions about the analysis, the policies, and about these changes.

On March 31, 2022, the USFS finalized long-awaited e-bike guidance. The guidance incorporated a number of IMBA’s recommendations made during a public comment period in October 2020, in which thousands of mountain bikers took part. The guidance has some great elements in line with IMBA’s recommendations: it requires a local public process to adequately collect local sentiment on possible pros and cons of eMTB access; thorough National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Travel Management Planning; the guidance distinguishes between class 1, class 2 and class 3 eMTBs to ensure quality experiences for all trail users; and the guidance manages eMTBs as a new category, separate from traditional mountain bikes. Unfortunately, USFS fell short by reclassifying non-motorized trails to motorized trails where eMTBs would be allowed, even if all other motorized uses were to remain prohibited.


What You Need to Know About New Colorado Safety Stop Law

By Mike Raber, Board member of Bike Jeffco


There is a lot of misunderstanding about the recently passed amendment to the Colorado Safety Stop statute, so I am providing clarification.


The Colorado Bicycle Safety Stop law was enacted in 2019 as an opt-in statute for municipalities and counties to implement on a voluntary basis.  The amended law changed the existing law effective statewide on April 13, 2022 when Governor Polis signed the bill.  It has been shown to assist in reducing bicycle automobile collisions at intersections in those municipalities and counties where it was implemented. 8 states in addition to Colorado have adopted Safety Stop laws statewide with positive results for reducing collisions.  Colorado State Patrol and Colorado Department of Highways statistics for the last several years document over 70% of bicycle & motor vehicle collisions happen at intersections.  Collisions don’t happen between bicyclists and motor vehicles when bicyclists can cross an intersection when there is no traffic and it’s safe to proceed, this is what the 2019 statute provided for. Due to the confusion on where the 2019 statute was and was not adopted between municipalities and counties, the law was amended on April 13, 2022 to make it effective statewide to eliminate this confusion.



New Bike Day

Argon 18

Every component and part itemized

Andy Schmit

Service Course - Custom Bikes — The Service Course

The Article

Saturday Ride




Video of the Week:


XTERRA athlete profile Suzie Snyder



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