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303Endurance Podcast

Aug 20, 2022

The Norseman triathlon in Norway is arguably the hardest 140.6 on the planet. 2.4 miles in a 55 degree fiord, ride 112 miles with 10K feet of climbing in freezing temperatures, and then run 26.2 with a 3K feet climb in the last 10 miles. Our guest, Tim Hola takes us through his preparation and race where he finished 41st overall earning him the coveted "black shirt". 


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In Today's Show

  • Feature Interview - Tim Hola on Norseman
  • Endurance News
    • Collins Cup Match Ups
    • Outspoken Women in Endurance Sports Awards
    • Vuelta de Espana starts today 23.3km team time trial in the Netherlands.
  • What's new in the 303
    • Leadville 100 MTB Results / LTR this weekend
    • Swim School
  • Video of the Week
    •  Sam Long Takes On The Norwegian Hype Train


Feature Interview: Tim Hola on Norseman


Norseman returned to the global stage Saturday, 6th August, with a race that saw new course records, surprise performances and a reminder that the elements will always test even the strongest athletes.


Norseman is arguably the hardest full-distance triathlon on the planet and friend of the show Tim Hola took on the beast two weeks ago. He's back home here in Colorado, thawed out and here to share why Norseman, how he prepared, how the race went down, what he learned and his recommendations for those considering Norseman.




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Endurance News:


The Collins Cup 2022 Matchups – Who is racing who?

Race is Saturday August 20th


The event went ‘big’ with Match #1 pitting all-time legend Daniela Ryf, against all-time legend Flora Duffy. That’s a tough challenge for the returning to racing Sarah True, to take on.


The men’s first race (match #7) didn’t come as a surprise, but will certainly provide interest with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic gold and bronze medallists, Kristian Blummenfelt and Hayden Wilde, joined by the USA’s Ben Kanute.


Match #6 (Anne Haug / Jackie Hering / Tamara Jewett) will surely see three of the fastest female run splits of the day, while the youngster, Sam Laidlow, was more than happy to be pitted against long-time rivals Sam Long and Lionel Sanders in Match #8. The North American duo will want to silence the banter of the young Frenchman… but will have to catch him first, when he leaves them adrift in the water!


Match #        Team Europe        Team USA        Team Internationals

1        Daniela Ryf        Sarah True        Flora Duffy

2        Laura Philipp        Chelsea Sodaro        Ashleigh Gentle

3        Kat Matthews        Skye Moench        Paula Findlay

4        Nicola Spirig        Sophie Watts        Vittoria Lopes

5        Holly Lawrence        Jocelyn McCauley        Ellie Salthouse

6        Anne Haug        Jackie Hering        Tamara Jewett

7        Kristian Blummenfelt        Ban Kanute        Hayden Wilde

8        Sam Laidlow        Sam Long        Lionel Sanders

9        Magnus Ditlev        Rudy Von Berg        Max Neumann

10        Patrick Lange        Jason West        Aaron Royle

11        Gustav Iden        Matt Hanson        Jackson Laundry

12        Daniel Bækkegård        Chris Leiferman        Braden Currie


How to Watch


The Outspoken Women in Endurance Sports Awards are back with an expanded reach to celebrate the contributions of even more women in endurance sports.

August 18, 2022


Victoria, BC – August 18, 2022. Nominations are now open for the 2022 Outspoken Women in Endurance Sports awards with categories focused on women in triathlon and gravel cycling. The Women in Endurance Sports Awards celebration will be held in Tempe, Arizona at 11:00am Sunday, November 13th, 2022. The awards ceremony will be streamed live for community members who would like to participate. The awards ceremony attracted an audience of over 7000 in 2020. As in previous years, the awards celebrate the many women who contribute daily to growing women’s inclusion and equity in the sport and are advocates for social change in small and large ways. The awards ceremony will be part of the Outspoken Summit that spans the weekend of November 11th-13th.


The keynote speaker for the awards ceremony will be Zsa-Zsa Porter, a triathlete and entrepreneur from Charlotte, NC. Porter is a multi-time Ironman finisher and opened the restaurant The Exposed Vegan in November 2020, after seeing the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic was having on the Black community.


Outspoken Co-Founder and Feisty Media CEO, Sara Gross is excited to continue celebrating women through the Outspoken Awards: “Over the last three years I have been stunned by the number of nominations and moreover, the stories of the incredible work women are doing in triathlon. Adding gravel cycling to this year’s awards gives us even more opportunity to celebrate the work of many women that might otherwise go unnoticed.”


Girls Gone Gravel founder Kathryn Taylor is excited to add gravel-specific awards to the ceremony. “The women in the gravel cycling community are leading the way for diversity and inclusion at all levels. I’m thrilled for the opportunity to celebrate these contributions.”


2022 Awards will include:


Triathlon – Coach of the Year

Triathlon – Athlete of the Year

Triathlon – Bethany Rutledge Memorial Award

Gravel Cycling – Coach of the Year

Gravel Cycling – Athlete of the Year

Gravel Cycling – Community Service Award

Race Director of the Year

Outstanding Media Contribution

Business Impact Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

Outspoken Woman of the Year

To read about the award selection criteria, and to nominate an outstanding woman from your community, visit The deadline for award nominations is September 11th, 2022 at midnight pacific time. To purchase tickets for the Outspoken: Women in Endurance Sports Summit, which includes entry to the Awards Ceremony, visit


About Outspoken Women in Endurance Sports


The Outspoken Summit is a partnership between Feisty Media and Shift Sports. Feisty Media produces the IronWomen, Hit Play Not Pause, If We Were Riding, Women’s Performance, and Girls Gone Gravel podcasts, hosts written content at and provides live video coverage at numerous triathlon and gravel events in North America. Shift Sports is dedicated to assisting endurance sports organizations, teams, and events in initiating and sustaining inclusive practices by looking beyond participation numbers alone. Register for the 2022 summit at


What's New in the 303:


Leadville Trail 100 MTB Results -

Last week's guest Justin Morris finished in 10:15:15; M30-39 85/ 162


Pool School

I mentioned last week that I was heading to Dallas for TriDot Coach Pool School. TriDot is putting all of their coaches through the TriDot method for coaching athletes to swim with balance, low drag and high power.


Friday night we had a dinner together where I got to meet most of the coaches. I introduced myself to the coach that sat across from me at the table, who turned out to be Kurt Madden, who is a three Time Top 10 Finisher - Ironman World Championships; 2) Two Time Winner - Ultraman World Championships; 3) Two Time Age Group Winner - Ironman North American Championship; 4) Ironman All World Athlete - Ranked #1 in the World - Age Group - @ the Ironman distance in 2015 - 2106.


Saturday was classroom and dry land training. We learned the why behind the techniques and form being taught. We learned the cues for remembering various aspects of streamlining, arm recovery, hand entry and the power phase of the stroke. We learned how to identify technique problems and coach through them.


Sunday we were in the pool from 8-12 and applied everything we learned in the classroom to the pool. We started with 100 TTs for time to get a pre instruction baseline. We started with basic KOSS for more than an hour just working on balance in the water. The next hour and half was on the recovery mechanics and the last hour or the power phase and pulling it all together. We finished with a post instruction TT to see who made improvements. One coach went from 1:01 100M to a :59 100M. Some coaches took 4", 6", 8" and in one case 16" off their 100.


We will be offering 2Day TriDot Pool School around the country starting this Fall.


Upcoming Multisport Events in Colorado (

Upcoming Classic Runs in Colorado (


Video of the week:

Sam Long Takes On The Norwegian Hype Train 🚂  2022 Collins Cup: Race Week - Episode 1 🏆


Upcoming Guests:


Congratulations to Tim Hola finished Norseman this past Saturday. He says it was epic and unlike any race I've ever done.  Placed 47th overall in a little over 13 hrs.



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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!