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303Endurance Podcast

Feb 20, 2021

This week we have Professional Obstacle Racer, Veejay Jones. He's the North American OCR Champion at the 3k, he's the Youngest Spartan Race Winner in the History of the Sport, Youngest National Championship Series Spartan Race Winner, and called "The Prodigy" from Million Dollar Mile on CBS.


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In Today's Show

  • Thoughts and Prayers with our TX listeners, their families and neighbors
  • Barry Siff's thoughts on using other countries as models
  • Feature interview with Veejay Jones
  • Endurance News - Making swimming pools safer by reducing chlorine disinfection byproducts
  • What New in the 303 - Bill and BRAC; Youth MTB Skill Camp
  • Video of the Week - Veejay Monkey Bar Technique


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Interview with Veejay Jones

OCR athletes have to train for the endurance, body strength and skills to navigate obstacles.  This week's guest Veejay Jones has been dominating the world of Spartan Racing.  Veejay has racked up some impressive stats in the past year.  That's right Veejay had 8 races, 6 wins, 1 2nd and 1 6th place:

1st Place Pro Men - 2020 MX National Series - Spartan Sprint Acapulco - 03/07/20

1st Place Pro Men - 2020 MX National Series - Spartan Sprint Acapulco - 03/07/20

2nd Place Men's Elite - 2020 U.S. National Series - JAX Spartan Sprint - 02/23/20

1st Place Men's Elite - San Jose Spartan Sprint - 02/15/20

1st Place Men’s Elite - SoCal Spartan Sprint - 1/26/20

1st Place Men’s Elite - SoCal Spartan Super - 1/25/20

Veejay also holds the honor of being the Youngest Spartan Race Winner in history! Veejay is also a VENGA CBD pro athlete.  Let's get into our interview with Veejay Jones!

About 13 minutes into the interview there's a short minute or two where there's a difference in the audio from Veejay's microphone.  We get it corrected pretty quick and the remaining


Post Interview:

The OCR Performance Project

Virus International and an OCR line of clothing

Running Mechanics

Clothes that don’t limit movement

Tough Tread - Noramco

Black Forest Performance Training


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Endurance News:

Making swimming pools safer by reducing chlorine disinfection byproducts

Swimming in indoor or outdoor pools is a healthy form of exercise and recreation for many people. However, studies have linked compounds that arise from chlorine disinfection of the pools to respiratory problems, including asthma, in avid swimmers. Now, researchers reporting in ACS' Environmental Science & Technology have found that using a complementary form of disinfection, known as copper-silver ionization (CSI), can decrease disinfection byproducts and cell toxicity of chlorinated swimming pool water.

Disinfecting swimming pool water is necessary to inactivate harmful pathogens. Although an effective disinfectant, chlorine can react with organic matter and compounds introduced by swimmers, such as those in sweat, urine, sunscreens and cosmetics, to produce disinfection byproducts (DBPs). Epidemiological studies have linked DBPs to health problems, including respiratory issues, bladder cancer, and pregnancy and birth complications. One way to reduce the amount of added chlorine is through the use of complementary disinfection strategies, such as CSI, which involves generating antimicrobial copper and silver ions by electrolysis. Susan Richardson and colleagues wondered whether using CSI along with reduced chlorine levels could disinfect pool water while also reducing DBP formation and toxicity.

To find out, the researchers collected water samples from two pools treated with CSI and chlorine -- one outdoor and one indoor. They detected 71 DBPs, some of which were quantified for the first time in pools. In experiments with mammalian cells in the lab, the team found that the indoor pool samples were more toxic to cells than the outdoor samples, likely because outdoor DBPs can volatilize in the open air or degrade with sunlight over time. In indoor pool water, the lowest levels of DBP formation and toxicity were observed when the lowest amount of chlorine was used in combination with CSI. To control for factors such as number of swimmers, temperature and pH, the researchers also conducted experiments in simulated pools with a solution added that mimics human body fluids, and they observed similar results. These data suggest that using CSI with lower amounts of chlorine could be a way to make swimming safer, the researchers say.


What's New in the 303:

Skill Building Adventure Camps This Spring and Summer for Youth Mountain Bikers.

Are your kids wanting to improve their mountain bike skills? Maybe they want to join their high school cycling team or simply participate in some fun rides with their friends and get top notch coaching along the way?Whatever the case, the Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures (SMBA) has a slew of programs to help you and your kids. Lets face it, especially right now, kids are looking for some adventure more than ever and as fast as programs fill up, now is the time to check out these opportunities!

 With a variety of programs for youth of all ages, SMBA offers a spring session, two summer sessions, each with options for more or fewer days per week. New for 2021: a high school league prep program with 6 hours of mountain bike foundational skills training and a full season Epic Team option focusing on big rides and adventures through both the spring and summer sessions.  Registration opens January 18th.


Letter from Editor, Bill Plock, Why I Wanted to Join BRAC

Some people may wonder why I wanted to join the BRAC board, now known as After all I am not known as a bike racer or a race promoter or race director. Those have been the typical titles of most board members. I am more known, athletically at least, as a triathlete—hopefully professionally more known as the owner/publisher of 303Endurance—which owns and and the 303Endurance Podcast.

So I am not your typical board member. But that’s precisely why I wanted to join the team. The current board has a lot of talent—on and off the bike. They care about cycling first and foremost. They care about racing too. They, like me want to do everything possible to foster the best cycling culture in the country.

I met BRAC President Andy Johnson about a year ago and we shared a beer on my porch and brainstormed ideas on how we could create an environment of more inclusion and getting more people to explore racing or doing group bike events and rides. We talked about ways BRAC could provide more value to cycling. I then interviewed Executive Director Shawn Ferrel and learned more about him and it was clear these guys love bikes and the lifestyle that goes with them, just like I do.


Video of the Week:

Technique Tuesday - Ep. 1 - Monkey Bars


Upcoming Interviews:

Rocky Harris - Rocky Harris, CEO of USA Triathlon is joining us to talk about the Endurance Exchange, the State of the Sport and the latest on USAT strategy.



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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!