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303Endurance Podcast

Aug 27, 2022

According to Iceland's Tourism website, there is no better way to experience the beauty of Iceland than from the saddle of your bicycle.

If you've ever wanted to know The good and bad of cycling Iceland, then you'll want to listen to our next guest. Sean Franklin joins us to us about his bike touring around Iceland....

Aug 20, 2022

The Norseman triathlon in Norway is arguably the hardest 140.6 on the planet. 2.4 miles in a 55 degree fiord, ride 112 miles with 10K feet of climbing in freezing temperatures, and then run 26.2 with a 3K feet climb in the last 10 miles. Our guest, Tim Hola takes us through his preparation and race where he finished...

Aug 13, 2022

The weekend is the Leadville 100 MTB race. We have former pro cyclists and Team Novo Nordisk rider Justin Morris racing this weekend and talking about how he trains and races while managing his Type 1 diabetes.


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Aug 6, 2022

Big show today! We have Mark Allen with us today to talk about coaching and training on the TriDot training platform. We are going to ask Mark a few training and racing questions which I expect Mark will help us all get a little smarter at both. 


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