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303Endurance Podcast

Jul 9, 2021

This week we have Bob Seebohar to talk about using testing data to prepare a race pacing and fueling plan.   As Bob like's to say "Test. Don't guess."



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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview - Bob Seebohar
  • Endurance News - Le Tour, The Olympics
  • What New in the 303 -
  • Video of the Week -


Interview Sponsor: UCAN

Team UCAN Olympians - Meet the Athletes Going for Gold

  • Katy Zaferes - Triathlon
  • Michael Andrew - Swimming
  • Kelsey Wong - Swimming
  • Maggie Steffens - Water Polo
  • Katie Lou Samuelson - Basketball
  • Stefanie Dolson - 303 Basketball

Olympian Michael Andrew on Nutrition for Swimming

Michael Andrew is an athletic phenom, famous for breaking the most National Age Group Records in USA Swimming history (100+). He’s the youngest swimmer ever to turn pro, doing so at the age of 14, and recently tied Michael Phelps as the second fastest 100M USA swimmer of all time.


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You put in the training, so don't let nutrition limit your performance.  Use UCAN in your training and racing to fuel the healthy way, finish stronger and recover more quickly!  Use the code 303UCAN for 20% off at or


Use the code 303UCAN for 20% off at or



Interview with Bob Seebohar

Bob Seebohar is the author of a number of books including Nutrition Periodization for Endurance Athletes and Metabolic Efficiency Training.


He's been a guest a couple of times on the show.

Play #49  NOV 27 - Author, Bob Seebohar on the 2nd edition of Metabolic Efficiency Training

Play #160 JAN 13 - Bob Seebohar's advice for re-establishing good nutrition after the holidays.


Bob helped me with a metabolic improvement back in 2018 doing a 7-week experiment. We did a pretest, changed my diet to be more metabolically efficient, and retested with remarkable results.


Most recently I referred an athlete I coach to Bob for testing to dial the athlete's race-pacing and race-nutrition plan.  Matty Emmet paced and fueled perfectly at Chattanooga 70.3.


All Around Snack Co.

eNRG PerformanceeNRG Performance




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Endurance News:



Tour De France

Withdrawals - Tour de France (





What's New in the 303:


Former Boulder District Attorney Weighs in on Case of Gwen Inglis death

Mike Foote is a former District Attorney for Boulder, a former state legislator and a very avid cyclist. He was instrumental in passing the Vulnerable User legislation in 2019 to give stricter penalties on motorist who injury or kill pedestrians and cyclists. In the wake of the Gwen Inglis killing while she rode her bike and was struck by what is believed to be an impaired driver, Mike walks us through how this case will unfold.


Learn more about some of our Olympians with 303!

Kyle Coon and Andy Potts "See what is engine is capable of"

Hailey Danz

Summer Rappaport

Taylor Knibb

Amy Dixon

Coach Ian Obrien



Bill & Rich's Excellent [Endurance] Adventure

  • Bill
    • Boulder Peak on Sunday
  • Rich
    • Pikes Peak last Sunday
    • Bermuda next
      • Cousin Andrew Soares
      • Sue Reynolds and Worlds in BDA



Video of the Week:

Teaser for next week's interview with Kyle Coon

Para USAT Athlete Kyle Coon guided for first time by legendary, Olympian Andy Potts




Upcoming Interviews

  • Kyle Coon is going to Tokyo with Andy Potts as his guide!




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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!