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303Endurance Podcast

Oct 31, 2020

This week's guest is Carlos Casali to talk about his formula for winning crit and cyclocross races across the nation.  He has worked his way up the ranks from CAT 5 to CAT 1.  He's got of really interesting insights on racing and training.  

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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview with Carlos Casali
  • What New in the 303 - Cyclocross Racing, Sepp Kuss on his role with Jumbo Visma and hope for the Olympics
  • Endurance News - Blummenfelt takes Barcelona, Hart wins Giro, and Pogačar Tour win explained by science

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Copied from Wendy's email.

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Interview with Carlos Casali:

As we prepared for this interview, I kept thinking about how Carlos started cycling with as much experience as I had when I was his age.  I honestly was never at CAT 3 and to see someone who has a full time + professional career achieve such success in cycling made me very curious.  I wanted to know what he did to break through to CAT 3 and eventually to CAT 1 and he's winning races all over the country. What is he doing that I'm not doing?  A lot of training is what.


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Endurance News:

Blummenfelt, Gautier Take Barcelona European Cup Sprint - Slowtwitch 10/25/20

Kristian Blummenfelt of Norway and Mathilde Gautier of France took top honors at the ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup in Barcelona Sunday. Blummenfelt started the 5k run running virtually elbow to elbow with five-time ITU Olympic distance World Champion Javier Gomez of Spain, but gradually pulled away to the victory when his 4th-best 15:32 run bested Gomez by 12 seconds. Blummenfelt finished in 53:53 with a 13 seconds margin over Gomez and 33 seconds over 3rd place finisher and fellow Norwegian Gustav Iden.  Blummenfelt’s win comes after a second-place finish at the 2020 Arzachena World Cup, a 13th at the 2020 Hamburg WTS Championship, and a victory at the 2019 WTS Grand Final.


Cycling: Britain's Geoghegan Hart wins Giro d'Italia as Ineos-Grenadiers bounce back - Reuters 10/25/20

Briton Tao Geoghegan Hart won the Giro d’Italia after beating Maglia Rosa holder Jai Hindley in the final-stage time trial on Sunday as Ineos-Grenadiers turned around a dismal season in spectacular fashion. The 25-year-old started the day 0.86 seconds behind Hindley but he beat the Australian to win the race by 39 seconds and give Ineos-Grenadiers their second Giro title after Chris Froome’s 2018 triumph.  Dutchman Wilco Kelderman, Hindley’s team mate at Sunweb, took third place overall, 1:29 off the pace after the 15.7-km individual time trial between Cernusco sul Naviglio and Milan won by Italian Filippo Ganna.  Geoghegan Hart’s victory came on the back of a largely disappointing Tour de France from Ineos-Grenadiers after defending champion Egan Bernal pulled out injured in the final week having previously dropped out of contention.

The Giro started in horrific fashion for the British outfit as leader Geraint Thomas pulled out after a crash early in the race, only for the team to win seven stages with Geoghegan Hart moving up the ranks until he snatched the overall lead on the last stage. France’s Arnaud Demare won the points classification after winning four sprint stages while Portuguese Ruben Guerreiro claimed the mountains classification.


Metabolomics: The Science Behind a Tour de France Winner - CU Anschutz News 10/21/20

To say cycling enthusiasts were stunned by the Tour de France performance of rookie rider Tadej Pogačar might be an understatement. Jaws dropped as the 21-year-old Slovenian, the second-youngest rider to ever win the Tour, ascended the final 5.9-kilometer final climb of the time trial and secured the yellow jersey.

Pogačar’s victory, however, did not surprise Iñigo San Millán, PhD, an assistant professor in the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (SOM). His team at the SOM had already employed science – specifically the measurement of hundreds of thousands of metabolites in Pogačar’s blood (see recent paper) – and knew the young cyclist was on another level.  “Last year he was third in the Tour of Spain and won three stages there,” said San Millán, who is director of performance for Team United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Pogačar’s coach. “He was the youngest guy ever doing that, and this year he was stronger. For sure, he was a contender for the Tour (de France), and that’s what we had in mind.”

Going into the stage-20 time trial, the penultimate day of the three-week Tour de France, Pogačar trailed his compatriot, Primoz Roglic, by 57 seconds. Pogačar’s blazing time trial vaulted him past Roglic by 59 seconds. In interviews following the time trial, which included grades of 8.5%, Pogačar told the media, “I guess my genetics are really good. I have to thank my parents, probably.”  San Millán may agree, but he also knows that being able to investigate Pogačar’s whole blood responses to elite-level exercise pays big dividends. San Millán, a former competitive cyclist, knew from Pogačar’s physiological measurements that the cyclist would benefit from staying off his bike for a week in May as he was already too fit and the Tour was still three months away.  Such insight is important because the Tour de France is considered the world’s most physically demanding race. “We’re talking about 5,000 to 9,000 calories of expenditure a day for 21 days,” San Millán said. “That’s like playing 10 football games each day for 21 days in a row. That’s why you need to have a very good recovery capacity.”

Lionel Sanders breaks 1 hour record.  Mexico city.


What's New in the 303:

26-year-old Sepp Kuss was part of a team that came within a whisker of winning the 107th Tour de France - Denver Post

26-year-old Durango’s Sepp Kuss was part of a team that came within a whisker of winning the 107th Tour de France.  He may be the sport's next big thing.  The Durango kid looked at home on cycling’s biggest stage.  His 15th place overall finish was the highest by an American since 2015. He dreams of taking a victory lap down the Champs Elysees in Paris.

"Down the road, I really want to shoot of that, but I’m not putting any timetable on it necessarily," says Kuss. At this point, America’s next cycling hope is happy with a supporting role for Team Jumbo Visma. But there may be an opportunity to go for the gold in the Tokyo Games.  "Yeah, I’d love to race the Olympics," Kuss said with a smile. "I think it’s a really unique event and I think it would be a huge privilege to represent the U.S. there."  With Mt. Fuji part of the road race course, you’ve got to like his chances.


Levels Health

  • I learned a ton more this week
    • Eating with a daily macro nutrient goal of being metabolically efficient made an improvement in my daytime and nighttime "time in zone" improved.
    • To guide me I used the recommended macro goals of 120g carbs, 130g protein, 110g of fat. This was the personalized nutrition plan that Bob Seebohar prescribed for me after our first metabolic rate test on the treadmill with the mask.  After following Bob's program for seven weeks we retested and I had a significant improvement.  My metabolic exchange point improved by 50 seconds per mile. 
    • White bread and white rice really spike my glucose.  1 small slice of sourdough with protein and fat, it doesn't spike too much.  Two slices for a sandwich or jasmine rice and it jumps over 150
    • A salad with grilled chicken and avocado and there was no reaction

Video of the Week:

Pro Triathlete Kennett Peterson


Upcoming Interviews:

Chris Leiferman - Fresh off a "W" at The Great Floridian and soon on his way to Daytona, we've got Chris Leiferman with us again.

Josh Clemente - Co Founder of Levels Health is joining us to help answer all of my questions about metabolic health, how diet and exercise affected my metabolic health scores.


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