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303Endurance Podcast

May 22, 2020

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  In today's show we have Chris Anthony perhaps most known for being a professional skier in the Warren Miller movies is joining us to talk about a host of topics, but the one that might surprise you the most is that he was just as likely to have made a professional career as a cyclist.  We are also going to talk about how his cycling background led him to create the biggest Prim funding than pretty much any pro female race at the Colorado Classic.  We'll also cover how he is using the history and story of the 10th Mountain Division to help teach kids history in a fun and exciting way.  

Thanks to last week's guest Colin Laughery.  That was a blast of an interview and the Garage Talk was great too.  In the Garage Talk Colin was wearing a t-shirt with the phrase "The Swim Is Cancelled" on it.  I wanted to get one for myself (and as presents for some family members who happen to be triathletes).  I googled it and was led to a company called The Swim Is Cancelled.  Huge shout out to Nate Ballard at The Swim Is Cancelled for a great list of fun products (tees, hoodies, stickers, patches) with captions like the aforementioned, "I Pee On Bikes", "Zone 2 is a Lie", and more.


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Interview with Chris Anthony:

  • Cool hearing the life story and all of the experiences our guests have.  Chris at a Summer camp in Copper watching the Canadians and 7-11 team training in 1976 and how he wanted the thighs.  Then of chasing Andy Mill up Freemont Pass and Chris' Dad chased him down.
  • Got on a Pro Am team.  Lived at the Olympic Training Center.  Thought he was going to be a bike racer. 17 years old kicking ass at everything.  Climbing real well and staying with top guys.
  • What a past, deep sea fishing in Hawaii, flow fishing in Montana with Greg LeMond
  • Hopefully Chris can get us in with @GregLeMond
  • Bridging education though sport in the story of the 10th Mountain Division and the Climb to Glory movie.  You'll have the trailer as this week's video of the week
  • The whole story about how he met Greg LeMond, how he crashed speed skating in Minneapolis breaking Greg's arm just before the world championships
  • Slaying the badger - American Greg Lemond helped teammate Bernard Hinault, The Badger, win the Tour de France as teammates. In 1986, it was supposed to be LeMond's turn, but would it be? It was a turning point in cycling.
    • Bernard Hinault (pronounced [bɛʁ.naʁ]; born 14 November 1954) is a French former professional cyclist. With 147 professional victories,[1] including five in the Tour de France, he is often named among the greatest cyclists of all time.
  • Chris Anthony's Youth Art Contest.  Kids Submit your 10th art
  • Learn more at


What's New in the 303:

Check out the upcoming Garage Talks with Megan Hottman AKA The Cyclist Lawyer and Todd Lytle President of the Rocky Mountain Tri Club.

Open Water Swimming: Grant Ranch closed, but Chatfield will be open for swimming.  See COMSA for more information.


Endurance News:


The Professional Triathletes Organisation today announced that the new date for the inaugural Collins Cup will be exactly one year from today – on the 22nd May 2021.

The race, which was originally scheduled for 29-30th May 2020 but could not go ahead due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will now take place on the new date of 22nd May 2021 - the same weekend as The Championship 2021.


Video of the Week:

Climb to Glory Trailer


Upcoming Interviews:

I have been wanting to talk share some of the things I've been learning on the UCAN webinars that Matt Bach has been having over on the UCAN Instagram page.  If you are following @genucan you know what I’m saying.  They are really educational.  He explains the science of why it works so well as a fuel that doesn't spike your blood sugar, some of their newer bars and protein tubs, UCAN recipes and more.



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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!