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303Endurance Podcast

Apr 10, 2021

Our guest this week almost got shot down flying an F-16 over Iraq.  This week we have Coach Brian Grasky. He's not only a Level 3 USAT Coach, he has a hell of a race resume and  he's also an F-16 pilot!  We are talking about how to plan for success and handle failure as an athlete and a coach.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview - Coach and Colonel Brian Grasky
  • Endurance News - Ronan McLaughlin, a tech writer for CyclingTips, set an Everesting world record of 6:40:54
  • What New in the 303 -
  • Video of the Week - Skye Moench and OWS with the dogs…


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Interview with Brian Grasky

Brian is among the top triathlon coaches in Arizona and has been listed among the best in the USA.  As a USAT Level 3 Certified Coach, he is among 19 who have ever held that title. 

GEC is a network of coaches and our team, including registered dieticians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and wellness experts, all with a passion for doing all they can to help athletes reach their goals—and the track record that proves they have the ability to do so. They are based in Tucson, AZ, (says on their site) the number one community for triathletes, but we work with athletes all over the country and worldwide. 


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Endurance News:

Inside Ronan McLaughlin’s Everesting world record bike

Ronan McLaughlin, a tech writer for CyclingTips, set an Everesting world record of 6:40:54 on March 29 on a 5.55kg (12.24lb) bike that he constructed over many months, carefully weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each piece, both literally and figuratively, and even changing his pedaling position to fit onto a smaller frame and reduce his frontal profile.

“It’s often overlooked in Everesting, but half the event is downhill,” McLaughlin said. “When you are descending, it doesn’t count towards your elevation, but it does count towards your time. So I was looking to get downhill as fast as I could.”

To maximize the efficiency up and down, McLaughlin selected Mamore Gap in his native Ireland, a dead-straight stretch of road on a hill that averages 14 percent.

For the bike, McLaughlin selected a Giant TCR Advanced SL 2021 frameset, and then went to work on modifications — beginning with himself.


What's New in the 303:

USA Duathlon Virtual Run-Bike-Run, presented by RaceX, to benefit USA Triathlon Foundation’s General Fund

USA Triathlon today announced the opening of registration for the second annual USA Duathlon Virtual Run-Bike-Run presented by RaceX, a virtual multisport challenge set for April 15-May 3.

The event is free to enter. Participants have the option to make a $35 donation to the USA Triathlon Foundation and receive a finisher’s medal, or a $55 donation to receive a finishers’ medal and a USA Triathlon-branded premium wall-mounted medal hanger. All donations will go to the USA Triathlon Foundation’s general fund to help open pathways for all to swim, bike and run.

The 19-day challenge offers beginner and experienced athletes alike the opportunity to test themselves at the start of the racing season — whether they plan to return to in-person racing in 2021 or tackle their first-ever multisport event. Athletes can complete the challenge on their own time and at their own pace, from anywhere in the world. Registration is open now, and athletes can sign up at any point until the conclusion of the challenge on May 3. Click here to register.

The Virtual Run-Bike-Run is a cumulative challenge, and participants can track their progress on the FitRankings platform using run and bike leaderboards sortable by total mileage, time and elevation gain. Athletes will receive messages from USA Triathlon and FitRankings as they hit overall running and cycling milestones toward traditional duathlon distances: sprint (7.5-kilometer run and 20-kilometer bike) and standard (15k run, 40k bike).


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Video of the Week:

F16 HUD - NOT a simulator!!!


Upcoming Interviews:

Sue Reynolds and Bobbie McGee who lives in Boulder.

Ironman and Paralympic hopeful Roderick Sewell.  Roderick Sewell completed Kona in 2019, he won gold in his international debut at the 2014 Para Pan Pacific Championships in Pasadena. He learned how to swim by his coach and mentor, Alan Voisard, at the Mission Valley YMCA in San Diego when he was ten years old. Because of a tough childhood, Sewell was forced to live homeless in San Diego. When he became involved with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, an organization that helps to provide disabled athletes with a path to success as well as running legs, his life quickly changed for the better.

Michael Murphy is a motivational speaker, paralyzed athlete, and writer. His journey began in April 2007 when he fell off a roof in college, shattered his spine, and was paralyzed.  Michael is now a 12-time marathoner with Top 5 finishes in New York and Boston. He was also featured on NBC after completing two Tough Mudder competitions in 2012 and 2013 with the help of his teammates and an off-road handcycle.


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