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303Endurance Podcast

Sep 11, 2021

This week we have Collin Chartier back from the Collin's Cup in Slovakia. Collin matched Kyle Smith on the swim and Gustav Iden on the bike. Collin beat out Kyle for a 2nd place and 2 points for the USA.  We're looking forward to hearing about their 3-way battle and the Collin's Cup in general.

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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview with Collin Chartier
  • Endurance News
    • IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in St George
    • Julie Moss Award at The Collin's Cup
  • What's new in the 303?
    • Sebastian's new Scott bike at Lookout last week
    • Buff Classic
    • 303 and Channel 7


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Interview with Collin Chartier

Collin discovered the sport of triathlon at 14 years old as a swimmer, with a background in playing football and mountain biking.


There is nothing more satisfying to Collin than achieving his potential through hard work, persistence, and self-belief.  A month ago he came in 3rd at Ironman Boulder 70.3.  Got a ticket to the Collin's Cup and then crushed out a 2nd place to Gustav Iden and is back in Boulder.  Let's chat with Collin Chartier.



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Endurance News:



The Professional Triathletes Organisation today announced that Team Internationals’ Lionel Sanders and Team Europe’s Holly Lawrence have been awarded the Julie Moss Award for their courageous performances at The Collins Cup.


The Julie Moss Award is named after Julie Moss, whose performance at the 1982 World Championship in Kona, in which she collapsed and crawled across the finish line, has come to signify the indomitable spirit of triathlon. In many ways she is the inspiration of the PTO’s motto, “Dum Spiro Spero,” which means “Whilst I breathe, I hope.”


The many gutsy performances at the Collins Cup made this decision extremely difficult. From Team Internationals’ Kyle Smith racing with one aerobar after crashing, to an unwell Daniela Ryf of Team Europe pushing herself on the run to earn three vital points, from the outstanding performance by American Chelsea Sodaro barely six months after the arrival of her baby Skye, to the mad sprint by Team Internationals’ Jackson Laundry in the final two kilometres to win his match, the day was filled with grit and determination. But the performances of Sanders and Lawrence particularly captivated the fans and showcased the meaning of The Collins Cup.


Canadian Lionel Sanders, the spiritual leader of Team Internationals, arrived at the event having finished second at IRONMAN Copenhagen only six days before. However, nothing was going to stop him leaving his body and soul on the racecourse for the PTO’s flagship event. Sanders not only competed on just six days rest from a full distance race, but he then rose from the pavement after a bike crash to win his match against Europe’s Sebastian Kienle and USA’s Andrew Starykowicz.


Simon Whitfield, Olympic Gold Medal winner and Team Internationals Captain, commented, “There is literally no way to describe Lionel Sanders. You can exhaust your Thesaurus with words like relentless, indomitable, unyielding, driven, inexorable, and never come close to describing what Lionel Sanders is or does. You can only conclude it is beyond the realm of human comprehension. In everything the man does he lives his mantra to have “NO LIMITS.” It was an honour to be his Captain and experience his passion and spirit.“


For the women, Europe’s Holly Lawrence personifies the values of the Collins Cup. One of the marquee matches against fierce rival Ellie Salthouse from Team Internationals was turning out to be well and truly epic as the women battled side-by-side for every stroke of the swim, colliding numerous times as each refused to yield a centimetre. It was triathlon’s equivalent of Ali v. Fraser fought in the waters of the Danube River. Lawrence led on the bike until disaster struck, and she crashed not far from T-2. Bloodied, she rose immediately to continue the fight, but her damaged bike took almost five minutes to repair as she waited helplessly. She watched both Salthouse and USA’s Skye Moench pass her and saw her chance to win the match evaporate. Bike repaired but spirit unbroken, she rode into transition to a standing ovation. With no chance to win her match, she nonetheless persevered in the run and denied Team USA and Team International bonus points, thus helping Team Europe to victory.


Natascha Badmann, Team Europe Captain, noted, “Holly Lawrence’s performance was an inspiration to our team. We had already lost points in Match No. 1 with the tremendous performance of USA’s Taylor Knibb. If Holly was not able to continue, we would have lost an additional 1-1/2 points. With grit and determination, she battled back to deny both Team USA and Team Internationals 1-1/2 vital points. This did not go unnoticed by the fans and the rest of Team Europe, who were not prepared to see Holly’s effort be in vain.”


Lawrence mentioned in her post-race interview that if it had been a normal championship race, she would not have continued after it took so long to mend her bike, but since she was racing for Team Europe, she was willing to sacrifice her personal goals for those of the team.


What's New in the 303:

Sebastian’s New Bike, Communities Uniting and More Contributors Than You Might Think

Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your vulnerability and it was honor to ride with you last Friday. You thanked me so kindly and closed your text later that day by saying “God bless you and your family.” I do feel blessed.

But what you don’t know, what most don’t know is the whole story, and I want to share with you my thoughts and feelings and how much the community made this possible.


Buff Classic adds Gravel Route, Still Openings for Sept 12th Ride.

The Buff Classic has added the Dirty Epic which is a mixed surface course featuring some smooth asphalt, buff gravel, and some pretty epic Jeep road style descending. The ride starts up Boulder Canyon, which will be closed to cars, and turns up Magnolia Road around 4 miles up Boulder Canyon.  Magnolia is steep, averaging over 9% for the first 4+ miles, with some sections nearing 20%.  Whatever bike you are riding, be sure it has good climbing gears. Bikes that are 1x in the front will need a 40″ on the back.


303 and Channel 7



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