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303Endurance Podcast

Jun 19, 2022

Welcome to Episode #340 of the 303 Endurance Podcast. You are listening to your weekly connection to coaches, experts, and pro athletes to help you reach your endurance goals. We're your hosts coach Rich Soares and 303 Chief Bill Plock. Thanks for joining us for another week of endurance interviews and discussion.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature Discussion
    • How to Navigate and IRONMAN Weekend
  • Endurance News
    • History Made In The Pho3nix Sub7 Sub8 Challenge
    • Matt Hanson, a former Iowa resident, and Skye Moench win Ironman Des Moines championships
  • What's new in the 303
    • A very successful Ride the Rockies
    • Triathlon and Run Races this weekend
  • Video of the Week
    • IRONMAN DesMoines Rewind


Feature Discussion: How to Navigate IRONMAN Weekend

Ironman races are Saturdays or Sundays. For this discussion let's assume the Race is Sunday like IRONMAN DesMoines this weekend.


Start with your Athlete Guide and review the Event Schedule. Typical schedule is:


10-5 Athlete Check In, Village Open


  • Check in time email 2-3 weeks prior to race; the earlier you check in the more bike check in time options you will have
  • If your race is Sunday, you want to be checking in your bike as early as possible
  • If you are not able to check in Thursday, check in 10 am Friday
  • Drive the course; ride part of the course



10-5 Athlete Check In, Village Open, Ironman Store

11 and 2 Athlete Briefing

6 Welcome Ceremony


  • Get there when they open. Some IM gear sells out fast. Eg, name tee
  • Go to the athlete briefing. There are always extra tidbits of important information. They will give a water temp report. DesMoines had a situation similar to Boulder where you have to shuttle to Swim/Bike and the roads are blocked in/out. Shuttle schedules are important to know.
  • Pack Bike and Run Bags for 10am Bike Check In
  • Ride the course if you didn't Thursday
  • Hydrate
  • Eat your big meal 2 nights before the race



Sometimes a practice swim at the venue

9-12 TriBike Pickup

9-3 Ironman Store (closes at 3 to put Finisher gear out for the morning)

10-5 Bike Check In (based on time selected at Athlete Check In)

2 Athlete Briefing


  • Check in early as you can. 10am
  • Get off feet and distract yourself with a nap or movie - stay off your feet
  • Hydrate and eat a normal size healthy meal that is not high in fiber
  • Organize bags, complete checklist, bottles in the fridge or freezer



Most races start around 6:30-7 with Pros (if Pros) staring 15 minutes before age groupers

DesMoines started at 5:30 with Pro Men; 5:37 Pro Women; 5:45-6:15 AG


  • Work through each step of logistics (breakfast,
  • Get to the Transition Area when it opens
  • You need a good 60 minutes to add anything to the Bike and Run bags, drop off Bike and Run Personal Needs Bags, pack your Morning Clothes bag, bottles and nutrition on bike, check tire pressure
  • Get into your seeded swim time group. Swim with people your speed.


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Endurance News:


History Made In The Pho3nix Sub7 Sub8 Challenge

History was made in the Pho3nix Sub7 Sub8 Challenge when Kristian Blummenfelt became the first male to go under 7 hours and Kat Matthews became the first female to go under 8 hours in an iron distance triathlon. With the event encompassing a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run consecutively, Blummenfelt finished in a remarkable time of 06:44:25 with Matthews finishing in a staggering 07:31:54. In doing so, Kristian and Kat write their names in the history books of sporting achievements.


Matt Hanson, a former Iowa resident, and Skye Moench win Ironman Des Moines championships

Matt Hanson requested the full fury of heat and humidity that a June day in Iowa can provide. The conditions at the Ironman Des Moines North American Championship were nearly more than he desired.


The former Storm Lake resident captured his fourth Ironman North American Championship on a day with temperatures approaching 90 degrees. The 37-year-old Hanson bent over and then crumpled to the carpet after holding up the winner's banner at Court Avenue.


"I got across the finish line and the vision went blurry," Hanson said after claiming the $15,000 top prize. "It wasn't my plan to end up being flat on my back. I'm not feeling great right now. Bittersweet. A great day overall, didn't finish well. The heat definitely got to me."


What's New in the 303:


Upcoming Multisport Events in Colorado (

Upcoming Classic Races in Colorado (


Video of the Week:

Race Rewind: 2022 Certified Piedmontese Beef IRONMAN North American Championship Des Moines



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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!