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303Endurance Podcast

Dec 9, 2023

Welcome to Episode #417 of the 303 Endurance Podcast. We're your hosts Coach Rich Soares and 303 Chief Editor, Bill Plock. Thanks for joining us for another week of endurance news, coaching tips and discussion.


Indian Wells Pro Race, Rum Runner Wrap Up, TriDot/IRONMAN Join Forces, Testing - How and Why Considerations.


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In Today's Show

  • Endurance News - 70.3 Indian Wells Pro Race, TriDot and IRONMAN Join Forces; Strava Messaging
  • What's new in the 303 - Rum Runner Wrap Up; L2L Registration PSA
  • Coaching Tip of the Week - How and why to test your fitness regularly
  • Video of the Week - What happened to Heather Jackson?


Endurance News:


IRONMAN 70.3 Indian Wells 2023: Red letter day for Norway as they dominate at La Quinta



1. Casper Stornes (NOR) – 3:38:59

2. Marc Dubrick (USA) – 3:40:15 .4%

3. Sam Long (USA) – 3:40:27

4. Vetle Thorn (NOR) – 3:40:51

5. Jackson Laundry (CAN) – 3:42:44


PRO Women

1. Solveig Løvseth (NOR) – 4:08:24

2. Tamara Jewett (CAN) – 4:10:19

3. Jackie Hering (USA) – 4:14:09

4. Lesley Smith (USA) – 4:18:23

5. Gabrielle Lumkes (USA) – 4:22:05


Indian Wells 70.3 - 2023 Race Film



 - TriDot becomes the Official Training Platform and Swim Training Program of IRONMAN


“Our team couldn’t be more excited to partner with IRONMAN to put the latest in training technology and resources in the hands of coaches and athletes and work together, all of us, to continue making it even better,” says Jeff Booher, CEO of Predictive Fitness, developer of TriDot. “Regardless of performance ability, time available to train, or anything else, TriDot helps each athlete to do the right training right. Putting them in the best position for success on race day and beyond.”


“We are continuously looking into new ways to enhance our athlete’s journey and training experience, and we are excited to find a partner in TriDot who is a proven industry leader in training technology that benefits both coaches and athletes,” said Andrew Messick, President and CEO for The IRONMAN Group. “Through the tools and resources available, this partnership will help allow our athletes take the guess work out of race preparation so that they can have the successful and rewarding race day they deserve.”


TriDot also provides extensive ongoing support to its global coach community which includes IRONMAN legends like Mark Allen (6x IRONMAN World Champion), Michellie Jones (IRONMAN World Champion & Olympic Silver Medalist), and Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae (3x IRONMAN World Champion).


"I'm so excited about this partnership. With TriDot, my athletes are consistently getting fitter and faster. I wouldn’t coach without it," says Mirinda Carfrae. Mark Allen adds, "On the surface TriDot looks simple.  Underneath that hood is the best training you'll find in triathlon. Ever. Anywhere."


Strava introduces messaging


The problem with Strava messaging is not Strava messaging, it's an environment where women don't feel safe exercising alone or existing online


Coaching Tip: How (and Why) to Test?


This week was a "Test Week" in my training plan. Test weeks are built into the Maintaining and Development Phases of an effective training plan. Tests should be excluded during Race Specific Training where the focus moves to rehearsing and executing at the fitness levels attained during the Development Phase.


The phase cycle looks like 4 weeks of build followed by a Test week. The 4-week build progressively increases the stress load. The Test Week reduces the overall load of the training that week, but inserting each swim, bike and run tests into the week. This also makes the Test week a Recovery week.


Monday - regular swim workout

Tuesday - FTP Test (FTP Study: 20-Minute Power / 5-Minute Power)

Wednesday - 5K Run Test (10 minute warmup; 5K for time same course every time; 10-20 minute cooldown)

Thursday - easy bike

Friday - Swim CSS

  • CSS or critical swim speed is the pace at which you swim a 1500 time trial. This is quite simple but an effective way to prepare for long races.
  • Warmup, priming 200, 400 for time, 10 minute recovery, 200 for time
  • CSS (m/sec) = 200 / (time taken for 400m – time taken for 200m)


Benefits of Testing

  • Keeps your training zones current so you are training the correct energy zones
  • Regular testing familiarizes you with the discomfort and pain of pushing high intensity
  • Familiar with all your paces and the relative RPE
  • Helps execute your race pacing
  • See change over time (sometimes that's progress, sometimes not, good to know)


What if you don't know or don't do

  • Training above your body's real zones can leave you overtrained, burned out or injured
  • Training below your body's real zones can leave you under trained, underperformance, or injury on race day for exceeding your abilities
  • Stagnate if adaptions start to happen but training zones are not updated to set up the next progression of development
  • Won't really know where that limit is and how to press to your performance limit in races



What happened to Heather Jackson?

As one chapter closes, a new one opens. After 15 years as a professional triathlete, Heather Jackson decided to challenge herself in new ways, build a fresh community, and push her own and other's expectations of what is humanly possible.


In June, Heather tackled the Unbound Gravel 200, often hailed as the "Super Bowl" of gravel bike racing, and the iconic Western States Endurance Run, the world’s oldest 100-mile trail race. Facing these demanding events with just a two-week gap between them, the question looms: how will Heather approach her most ambitious goal yet?


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Wahoo Frontiers: Heather Jackson