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303Endurance Podcast

Jul 4, 2020

It's Independence Day weekend here in the USA and we are celebrating by riding America's Mountain "Pikes Peak" on the 244th anniversary - the 4th of July!

We hope you are getting out there this weekend and we have a special guest to educate us on recovery after whatever your big efforts you are planning to put in this weekend.  We've got Jay O'Hare from Venga CBD joining us to talk about CBD and how it naturally works with the body, but how to use it in training and recovery. 

Also in Today's Show:

  • Interview with Jay O'Hare
  • Endurance News - Return To Racing Tips and Self Supported Toolkit
  • What's New in the 303 - DIY Race Course, Pikes Peak Ride,
  • Videos of the week

Sponsor VENGA:

Thanks to Venga CBD for helping make the show possible and sponsoring today's show. Venga CBD is designed specifically to help athletes perform their best. Venga is a premium CBD that will improve your athletic performance by helping reducing inflammation and anxiety. 

I switched to Venga CBD, and I've been really happy with their products.  Venga CBD products are different than typical CBD products.  They are made for endurance athletes here in Colorado with the highest quality PCR hemp. All their products are THC free, with the highest bioavailability of any CBD because it’s water-soluble CBD. And they have a no-risk, 60-day, money-back guarantee.  It's easy order online and delivered right to your door.

Venga CBD really has helped me perform my best and it can help you too. You can get Venga CBD by going to which is spelled V - e - n - g - a

Get 30% off your first order with promo code - 303podcast.  Subscribe and save 15% on future orders.


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Sponsor UCAN:

UCAN keeps pumping out great educational content on the UCAN YouTube Channel.  In just the past few days they had a Coaches Round Table and Conquering the Pandemic

The Coaches Round Table was moderated by Dede Griesbauer.  The panel of coaches included:

Siri Lindley - athletes doing virtual races

Karen Smyers

Tekemia Dorsey thought Collegiate Nationals

Mark Allen - September forward.  Though Lubbock was still on.  Do something positive for yourself.

We are really going to put UCAN to the test this weekend, riding self-supported up and down Pikes Peak.  3.5 hour climb up and 1.5 hours down. 

UCAN gives you steady energy so you can finish stronger. UCAN Performance Energy and Bars are powered by SuperStarch®.   Use in your training to fuel the healthy way and recover quickly! Use code MHE2020 for 15% off at, or try the UCAN Tri Starter Pack - 50% off, limit 1 -   


Interview with Jay O'Hare:

Jay O'Hare has spent his career combining technology & marketing to create innovative solutions & opportunities for clients and his companies.  His most recent projects is/are:

Venga Endurance (CEO) – We develop CBD products specifically for endurance athletes. All our formulas, products, and research help endurance athletes perform at their best, and crush their goals!

Click Medical  (CMO) – Brought modern technology to prosthetics. Launched in 32+ countries with millions in revenue.

Radiate Forum (Co-Founder) – 7-month program to help CEOs live better lives and become better leaders.

Ignite Steamboat (Co-Founder) – Connects forward-thinkers, tech junkies & entrepreneurs. Grown to 440+ members.

Ride 4 Yellow (Co-Founder) – Made a dent in the fight against cancer. 1st event raised $300,000+

Education Fund Board (Board VP) – Modernized the process for granting $3,000,000+ per year.


Endurance News:

Racing In A COVID World

We are so close to racing in a COVID world! Pools are beginning to open up. Gyms are doing the same. A few races are sticking to their calendar and are appearing to be a go in the next couple of months.

But just because I am saying “racing in a COVID world” it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be business as usual. Here are my coaching tips on what to do different in your training to be ready for a race experience that too will have a very different look and feel than in the past.


Ironman Return to Racing Guidelines and Self Reliance Tips

Ironman Return to Racing Guidelines

  • Enhanced Hygiene
  • Screening and Education
  • Density reduction
  • Touchpoint Minimalization
  • Athlete Self-Reliance


Athlete Self Reliance Tips

The following tips focus on the IRONMAN athlete’s ability to be self-reliant on race days. These are skills every athlete should possess to assure their personal safety while training and their ultimate success on race day. Practice these skills today and repeatedly as you prepare for your event.




How do you carry nutrition? Your long training day prep should always include the tools you will use on race day. Practice using a hydration pack or race vest on long bike and/or run days. This will limit your need to utilize each aid station out on course and give you the ability to move through the course more efficiently. Make sure you have also practiced your nutrition plan during your long training rides/ runs so you have your it dialed-in for race day.



What's New in the 303:

Pikes Peak Ride on the 4th

2017 - Bill and the DAC - 3:49 up/down 36.91 miles and 6,614 feet

2018 - Khem and I with Dave Deschenes - 3:39 up/down 36.91 and 6,667 feet

2020 - Estimate 2:10 up and 1:15 down - with a 10 minute buffer 3:35


The EPIC MINI Triathlon  Email this week that it's still on.


DIY Race Course was a hit


Video of the Week:

Triathlon Coaches' Roundtable



Thanks again for listening in this week.  Please be sure to follow us on social media including @303endurance and @triathlon and of course go to iTunes and give us a rating and a comment.  We'd really appreciate it!

Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!