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303Endurance Podcast

Jul 11, 2020

We have an amazing legend of triathlon Karen Smyers with us today.  You may recall that last week we talked a bit about the UCAN coaches round table with triathlon Karen Smyers among other legendary triathletes and coaches.  In the peak of her career she had a range of talent that allowed her to win the Ironman World Championship, the ITU World Championship, the Pan American Games and the US Pro Championship.  We've got Hall of Famer Karen Smyers as our guest today.

Also in Today's Show:

  • Interview with Karen Smyers
  • Endurance News - IM Louisville cancelled. Is Chatty next?
  • What's New in the 303 - DU Tri goes NCAA, State Time Trial open for unlicensed cyclists and Pikes Peak
  • Videos of the week

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Interview with Karen Smyers:

In the peak of her career she had a range of talent that allowed her to win the Ironman World Championship, the ITU World Championship, the Pan American Games and the US Pro Championship in a single year.  We were talking about how important these legends of our sport are, and how valuable their memories are and how fortunate we are to hear them tell the stories.  We are to get into a bunch of topics including some of here career highlights, the Collins Cub and her role as co-team captain with Mark Allen for Team America, her TED Talk and Wheels of Change and a 1500 miles STRAVA art message.

  1. Go to Strava and join the Wheels of Change (invite a friend while you are there)
  2. Pick your route that you will do
  3. Complete a waiver and boom!

The Wheels of Change routes are available in the indoor cycling app ROUVY:

  • go to the ROUVY catalog of  virtual routes
  • click on the SEARCH tab
  • enter "wheelsofchange" in the Author search field and click the green "search" button

WHAT A giant ride to spell BLACK LIVES MATTER from New York to Maine and support the abolition of racism and the awakening of an anti-racist America.

WHEN Weekend of July 18th and 19th gives us two days to get it done and clean up any open segments. (Ride/walk any portion you choose – 1 block or 200 miles)


Endurance News:

IRONMAN Louisville triathlon, originally scheduled for October 11 cannot take place in  2020 and will not return in 2021. IRONMAN officials are working to determine options for possible future IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 event locations in Kentucky.


IRONMAN Chattanooga 70.3 was rescheduled to August 23.  It is the next race on the IRONMAN calendar that has not been cancelled.


What's New in the 303:

USA Triathlon, along with Karlton Creech, University of Denver Vice Chancellor for Athletics, Recreation and Ritchie Center Operations, today announced that the University of Denver will add women’s triathlon to its varsity sport offerings. The school is the 37th in the nation, the second in Colorado and the ninth at the NCAA Division I level to add the sport.


BRAC Invites Triathletes to  State Time Trial Championships

The Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC) is inviting Triathletes, multisport athletes, and unlicensed cyclists to attend the State Time Trial Championships in Keenesburg, CO on Saturday, July 18th. Depending on age and ability level, there are races of 10, 20, or 40 Km. Riders start at 1-minute intervals and race the “race of truth.” All care is being taken to follow the Public Health Orders for social distancing at outdoor events.


Pikes Peak Ride on the 4th

2017 - Bill and the DAC - 3:49 up/down 36.91 miles and 6,614 feet

2018 - Khem and I with Dave Deschenes - 3:39 up/down 36.91 and 6,667 feet

2020 - 2:46 up and :52 down -


The EPIC MINI Triathlon

Email this week that it's still on.

  • There are 8-10 minute blocks BEFORE the next group will start.
  •  Edora Pool Ice Center (EPIC)
  • SPECTATORS: spectators arriving after 6:45am on Saturday will be turned around

or delayed and unable to get in for the parking areas

  • SPECTATORS ARE CURRENTLY NOT ALLOWED IN THE POOL AREA: For gathering size control and this event to

take place we are planning to live stream as much as possible. This means we will be including live streaming

coverage for the swim course via the link below.


Video of the Week:

A Champion's Toolbox:  Karen Smyers at TEDxBeaconStreet


Upcoming Interviews:

Barbara Perkins, the new head coach of the DU NCAA Triathlon Team.

Mark Allen to talk to us about the advice he's giving his athletes during COVID, how to use virtual racing, but not overdo it, and more.


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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!