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303Endurance Podcast

Dec 12, 2020

What a week!  Last Sunday's PTO Championship at Challenge Daytona was the most exciting racing we've seen in a long time.  We are going to be breaking down the race from our varied perspectives.  Bill who was inside the track at the Daytona Speedway, me from the awesome made-for-tv coverage that was on the PTO site, and Matt Hanson is back with us to give us the race report from the 2nd fastest pro on the day.

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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview with Matt Hanson
  • Endurance News - PTO Challenge Daytona
  • What New in the 303 -
  • Video of the Week - Coach Matt Hanson


Interview with Matt Hanson:

Matt Hanson comes from a wrestling background, but running has always been a passion. In 2014, his first year as a pro, Matt set 3 run course records and won Ironman Chattanooga. He has since tallied 11 professional wins, including 3 North American Championship titles. He also owns the fastest ever time at an Ironman-branded, full distance event (7:39:25) where he also clocked the fastest ever marathon off the bike with a 2:34.

Former professor of Exercise Science with 9 years of University experience. Matt has worked in the higher education industry, Nonprofit Organizations, Research and Publishing, and Public Speaking.

Experienced professional triathlon, cycling, and running coach. Owner and manager of MattHansonRacing.


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Endurance News:

PTO Championship and Challenge Daytona; Triathlon Forever Changed? Maybe so

Daytona Beach–It’s easy to want to compare the Professional Triathlon Organisation’s Championship (PTO) at Challenge Daytona with IRONMAN’s Kona. You really can’t though. If this were boxing, it’s like watching light and middle weight boxers fight versus heavy weights. One is full of action, flurries, speed and rapid fire punches, the other, a war of strength and stamina and seeing who can withstand the most for the longest. There is room in this world for both. There will be fans of both. But for the pros’ yesterday may have been a game changer.

Kona is Kona. It’s a magical kind of place with known foes like heat, the Energy Lab, the winds on the Queen K and the hill on Palani. Daytona, like the backdrop for this race, was about speed and more speed. Like the NASCAR race that put Daytona on the map, these triathletes jockeyed for position all day long. They averaged up to 30 miles per hour on the bike! The road is flat, the only foe is the athlete in front, and the voices in their heads telling them when to make a move or not.

For the pros, with their race contained entirely inside the 2.5 mile oval that is one of the most famous racing venues in the world, it was all right in front of them. Lap after lap. 20 times on the bike, four times on the run, and even twice on the swim. Yes, there is a large lake inside the track along with an RV park, smaller tracks and plenty of open space. The whole thing was a made-for-television event. The race was about speed and making moves.

In the men’s race, Coloradans Matt Hanson, Rudy Von Berg and Sam Long finished 2nd, 5th and 9th respectively.  Both Hanson and Long came from fairly far back after the swim to chase down the leaders and contend for the podium. Hanson had the fastest run of the day with a blistering 5:20/mile pace over the 18k run. While Long made up his deficit mostly on the bike with a fastest bike of the day riding the 80k course in 1:38:24 averaging 30.2 mph! He showed moments of speed on the run trying to catch up and at one point he held second place! Von Berg with a fast swim and bike, ran in contention all day. He and Long battled on the run for a couple of laps creating a buzz in the crowd watching on the jumbo tron—sort of a modern day “Iron War.” Von Berg pushed ahead of Long but slipped back on the last lap finishing just off the podium behind Britain’s George Goodwin, a middle distance specialist and long course veteran Lionel Sanders—who turned in the second fastest bike split and came from far back himself. 

Other Observations

  • Quote of the Day - Anne Haug - "It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get".
  • New level of professional coverage
    • National Anthem professional
    • Fireworks were awesome
    • Broadcast production
      • Cameras that cover podium spot changes, but also changes much deeper in the field (eg, Lisa Norden pass Holly Lawrence for a 2nd/3rd place change AND Watkinson / Haug pass 14/15
      • Mixing athlete profile videos during down time
      • Mixing recaps during down time

5 bicyclists killed, 4 injured after truck hits group on 'retirement ride' in Nevada

LAS VEGAS – On a highway ride to celebrate a cyclist's retirement, five bicyclists were killed and four others were injured in a crash involving a truck, according to authorities. The Thursday morning crash happened on U.S. 95 south of Boulder City, according to Nevada Highway Patrol spokesman Jason Buratczuk.  Around 9:40 a.m., a box truck struck a group of about 20 bicyclists. Four men and one woman died at the scene, according to authorities.  The box truck remained at the scene for several hours after the collision, as authorities investigated what caused the crash.  "It doesn't appear to be impairment," Buratczuk said. "It appears to be a tragic accident."

Of the four bicyclists injured, one of the riders was flown to a hospital in a helicopter in critical condition. It appeared the bicyclists were part of an organized ride, Buratczuk said. They had a chase vehicle with them with flashers. The driver of the chase vehicle was injured and transported to a hospital.  The driver of the box truck was not injured.  U.S. Highway 95 southbound will be closed till about 6 p.m. Thursday, according to Nevada Department of Transportation spokesman Tony Illia.


What's New in the 303:

Michael Stone Colorado Multi Sport (Saturday) and Russ Chandler Full Cycle.

Kate Rau’s passion for making lives better and helping kids ride through the tunnel of adolescence to becoming adults permeates the core values of the Colorado High School Cycling League. She has been at the forefront of the movement to get more kids on bikes since landing in Colorado to go to college at CU. Starting with her days at SMBA (Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures) and leading us through the birth of Colorado High School Cycling League, Kate has worked tirelessly to help kids, well, be kids. She works to “reduce the barriers to entry” and to help kids who are overscheduled, feeling contained, and maybe isolated, to feel grounded, and learn to take risk and to experience “the pure wonder of joy while riding a bike.”

The Colorado High School Cycling League has grown exponentially in the last few years and now has 80 teams with about 1,800 kids making up four regions in Colorado. There are teams from Wyoming and New Mexico as well. It’s an organization with a broad reach but a narrow focus. It takes a dedicated staff, coaches and countless volunteers to make it happen. It also takes critical partnerships from corporate sponsors who help fund and facilitate bringing it all together. Kate strives to provide value to all involved with a keen eye to always remembering the goals that Kate says is,  “helping kids feel good about themselves, bringing families together, and connecting the communities that support those values. We want to teach kids about land stewardship and the environment and make sure we do all we can to be inclusive. Everybody scores, nobody is benched.”

303 Endurance was honored to have been chosen as partner of the year which came with some wonderful swag from sponsors: Optic Nerve, Osprey, Primal, Feedback, Yeti and Squirtlube. it has been our honor to help bring more awareness to this valuable part of the community we serve.


Video of the Week:

MHR Team Exclusive - AERO DRILLS

Ask The Pro(f): Run Form Analysis


Upcoming Interviews:

We've been talking about the pro rankings and using them to make our picks for Challenge Daytona.  We have the man behind the numbers, Thorsten Radde from Tri Rating joining us next week to talk how the ranking system works and how he analyzed the race. 



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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!