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303Endurance Podcast

Dec 29, 2023

Embrace them or not, New Year's Resolutions are a chance for us to imagine who or what we want to become and set goals to be achieved in the year to ahead.  For PTO Chief, Sam Renouf, look for more races and dimensions in 2024.


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In Today's Show

  • Endurance News - PTO Chief Doubles Down; Apple Watch 9 Debacle; IMWC Documentary Streaming Saturday
  • What's new in the 303 - Colorado's Ride, Without Limits, BBSC Race Schedule and Reg Fee Increase
  • Tip of the Week - Fuelin Fueling to Athlete Training Needs


Endurance News:


PTO Chief on How They Are Doubling Down To Take Triathlon Mainstream

What the Apple Watch Ban Could Mean for the Tech Giant’s Fitness Plans


What's New in the 303:

While on the topic of New Year's goals. I imagine what we can do with 303 and our podcast. I imagine and plan the rides and races I will do in 2024. Yes, I'm ready to register the day Colorado's Ride opens and it's already on the work calendar.


Colorado's Ride Registration opens January 5, 2024

August 19-23


Without Limits 2024 TRIATHLON SEASON and Price Increase 1/1.

June 1st – Colorado Triathlon - 51% Full

June 15th – XTERRA Lory Triathlon - Only 4 slots remaining

July 14th – Boulder Peak Triathlon

July 28th – Steamboat Lake Triathlon - 64% Full

August 4th - Stagecoach Gravel Triathlon - 55% Full

August 18th – Outdoor Divas Triathlon

September 7th - Littlefoot Sprint Triathlon

September 22nd – Oktoberfest Sprint Triathlon

June-August – Stroke & Stride Series - 6 Pack is 55% Full


June 1st – Colorado Triathlon - 51% Full

Sprint Triathlon Individual: $95 until 1/1, $100 until 4/1, $105 until 5/28 at midnight

Olympic Triathlon Individual: $115 until 1/1, $125 until 4/1, $135 until 5/28 at midnight

Olympic Duathlon Individual: $115 until 1/1, $125 until 4/1, $135 until 5/28 at midnight

Aquabike (Olympic Bike Course): $95 until 1/1, $105 until 4/1, $115 until 5/28 at midnight


BBSC Price Hikes on 1/1

2024 is almost here! What are your New Year's Resolutions?

We encourage you to find new challenges, achieve new goals and continue to support our local events.

Prices for all 2024 races increase at 11:59pm MST on Dec 31st.

Use code NY2024 before 1 Jan and SAVE $20

Save $10 with the code and $10 by registering before the increase in price.


Tip of the Week:


If you are doing the RIGHT training RIGHT, no two training days are exactly the same. So it would make sense, that the way we FUEL our training days shouldn’t be exactly the same either. But what do we adjust, when do we adjust, and how much do we adjust our fueling based on the physical needs of the day?


That is exactly what I aimed to learn with Scott Tindal of Fuelin as guest host of the TriDot Podcast that's publishing on January 1st. Checkout Podcasts (


Coaching with Rich:


Learn more about TriDot Pre Season Project

Learn more about RunDot Pre Season Project

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