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303Endurance Podcast

Feb 27, 2021

This week we are excited to welcome USA Triathlon CEO, Rocky Harris!  We are talking Endurance Exchange, the state of the sport, USAT 2021 initiatives and the lead up to the 2021 Olympics.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview - Rocky Harris
  • Endurance News - Draft-Legal World Qualifier Rescheduled, 3-D Printed Custom Bike Shoes
  • What New in the 303 - USA Cycling supports Colorado Cycling League
  • Video of the Week - Triathlon Taren on Ironman's Andrew Messick and his video about Ironman's cancelation policy


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Interview with Rocky Harris

After opening remarks from Mike Reilly, Rocky Harris gave the keynote address at this year's Endurance Exchange five weeks ago.  In that address he spoke to the changes in the endurance industry and the drivers that shaped decline in participation in triathlon over the past decade.  Those with isolationist views, worked in different directions, they helped fragment the sport and outsiders saw this as a weakness. 


Rocky also spoke about growing the sport and the need for the sport to represent the general population in terms of diversity, inclusion and the opportunity to attract athletes like former gym converts.  Rocky spoke about the need to embrace technology and e-gaming and what he thinks about other race formats like Otillo,

Let's get into the interview with Rocky Harris.



Endurance Exchange Presentations/Courses

At this year's Endurance Exchanges there were dozens of presentations to choose from.  We spoke about the ones that we attended in real time during the Exchanges.  Since then, I've been going back to watch the presentations that I missed, but was still curious to attend.  This past week I watched the replays of:

  • Understanding Common Injuries, Dr. Hiza Mbwana, PT, Degree at Northeastern.
  • Annual Training Plan Development
  • Heat and Solar Load During Physical Activity
  • Business Development for Coaches: Advanced Principles
  • Business Development: The Fundamentals
  • Balancing Objective and Subjective Data to Inform Training, Dirk Friel and coach Ryan Bolton
    • We know him now as Sam Long's coach.  Bolton competed at the first Olympic triathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Bolton won the 2002 Ironman Triathlon at Lake Placid. Bolton was coached by Joe Friel.
    • Objective - pace, hr, power, TSS, CTL, ATL, TSB, variability
    • How to interpret objective data and the athlete's subjective information
    • Objective you can see it
    • Subjective it’s the feeling, the mood
    • Understanding the subjective is very important and good athletes are tapped into how they feel and know how to communicate subjective data to the coach
    • How do you unravel the lie from athletes?  Using other objective.  Or knowing your athlete.  If you know the person has an ego.  You need to know them personally. 
    • How about when you want to train the athlete - do you ever ask the athlete to go off data and just go by feel?
    • People get stuck on a plan without understanding how to adjust the plan if needed based on how they feel
    • Most triathletes wants to learn this stuff.  They want to no Normalized Power v Average Power.
    • Give the athlete power and coach yourself out of a job.




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Endurance News:


Update: Collegiate Club Nationals Postponed and Draft-Legal World Qualifier Rescheduled

February 19: USA Triathlon has been in regular contact with local authorities in the City of Tempe, including the Department of Health, and is closely monitoring recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding mass gatherings and events. In addition, we have been tracking developments at the collegiate level over the last several months, including continued online learning and student-athlete travel restrictions at many colleges and universities. Having taken these circumstances into consideration, and after consulting with members of the USA Triathlon Collegiate Club Committee, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the 2021 Collegiate Club National Championships.


USA Triathlon is working diligently to find an alternate date in the fall of 2021 to host Collegiate Club Nationals in a safe and fair way for all athletes, including those with graduation dates in 2020 or 2021 who would otherwise miss the opportunity to represent their school as a senior. We will communicate any updates to the Collegiate Club Committee and all collegiate club team leaders as appropriate.



A 3D-printed custom cycling shoe, the LoreOne, will launch in April

Olympian and longtime bike fitter Colby Pearce has partnered with a new company Lore for a 3D-printed custom road cycling shoe. The LoreOne, a hardshell, carbon cycling shoe, will launch in April.


Lore will 3D print the shoes using scans of a rider’s feet. The resulting carbon monocoque design will be more efficient than other shoes, while still allowing a rider’s feet to move “freely and powerfully” inside the hardshell structure, Lore claims.


How much does it cost? How much does it weigh? And how comfortable could a hardshell carbon shoe actually be? For now, Lore is big on claims and short on details, but those are promised for its April launch.


The Lore team includes people who have worked in design and engineering at brands like Apple, Tesla, Puma, DPS, Nike and Black Diamond.


“We are excited to share Lore to the world,” Lore CEO Stephan Drake said in a release. “We have an amazing team that is pushing the bleeding edge of technology and design. The LoreOne is not only the most exciting cycling shoe ever made, but is revolutionary across all footwear categories. The level of customization, performance, materials, environmental sustainability, and manufacturing technology represent a bold leap into the future.”


Pearce, a multi-time national champion and record holder, has long obsessed over fit, whether for record-setting hour record rides or for his bike-fitting clients.


“The technology, materials, design and manufacturing is light years ahead of everything else on the market,” Pearce said. “The way the athlete works with the shoe is groundbreaking, and the foothold is unparalleled. The Lore project is three massive steps forward from any other shoe on the market. Prepare to have your head explode while your feet feel true power transfer for the first time ever. The LoreOne shoe will change the way you interact with your bike, forever.”


Lore’s website is



What's New in the 303:


USA Cycling Supports Colorado League – Free Junior Memberships, More Exposure for Collegiate Programs

USA Cycling has joined the family of Colorado League sponsors for 2021-2023.  Together, these organizations are dedicated to advancing opportunities for young mountain bike riders in Colorado, southern Wyoming, and northern New Mexico to ensure a promising future for the sport. Through developing youth cycling opportunities and cultivating leadership, teamwork, and community, and creating a lifelong passion for cycling, we work towards a common goal of getting more kids on bikes and keep them riding through life.



Megan Hottman’s First Time In Tucson Riding and Exploring

While I’ve spent a lot of time in Arizona in my life, I’ve never made it to Tucson. When I began mapping out my vanlist dreamlist of places I wanted to do, Tucson was on the list. For very specific reasons: I wanted to ride the “loop,” this amazing network of protected bike lanes all over town, totaling close to 130 miles (basically, a bike advocate’s dream come true, short of visiting Copenhagen!); and, I’ve wanted to ride Mt Lemmon, a nice long sustained climb that I’ve heard about for years.


So I set up my work week to allow for a midweek visit. Because vanlife and living a life by design, on purpose, to me means maximizing the days and times during the week as opposed to only seeking fun and adventure on weekends — you know, when the rest of humanity is out doing the same. Friends, weekday exploration is where it’s at. So- looking ahead, I crushed work and adulting and then punched out for a Midweek adventure..



Video of the Week:

We NEED to talk about this IRONMAN “Update”






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