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303Endurance Podcast

Jan 22, 2022

USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris joins us to talk about the last year's Olympic and Paralympic triathlon performances of Team USA, what his view is on the State of Triathlon in 2022 and gives us a preview of what to expect at this year's Endurance Exchange in March.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature Interview with Rocky Harris
  • Endurance News
    • Kristian Blummenfelt back in the news. Why Do They Swim-Bike-Run So Fast? Data.
  • What's new in the 303
    • Mountain Swim Series Announces Events for 2022
    • Inside Tracker Update


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Feature Interview with Rocky Harris

Rocky Harris was named Chief Executive Officer for USA Triathlon, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic National Governing Body for the sport, in August 2017.  Rocky’s tenure has focused on serving the multisport community, enhancing the value USA Triathlon provides its constituents, and developing collaborative partnerships to help grow the sport. The sport saw significant growth in 2019 after nearly a decade of declines, with significant increases in participants, members, officials, coaches, sanctioned races and certified clubs. Harris has prioritized attracting non-endemic corporate partners and philanthropic donors to the sport, and the organization has more than doubled its corporate sponsorship support and funds raised through the USA Triathlon Foundation.


He and his wife Liz are both age-group triathletes competing regularly. They are also both fun to hang out with in Kona. Let's get into our interview with Rocky Harris.


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Endurance News:


Why Do They Swim-Bike-Run So Fast? Data.

The most advanced science in the triathlon world can be found in Norway, where athletes embrace the data found in heat sensors, oxygen measuring masks and their feces.

In November, under stormy, tropical skies, the reigning Olympic men’s triathlon champion, Kristian Blummenfelt leapt from a pier into the Caribbean Sea. Then, 7 hours 21 minutes 12 seconds later, after swimming 2.4 miles, cycling more than 112 and running 26.2, he snapped the tape to win the Cozumel Ironman in Mexico and become the fastest ever at the Ironman distance.


Never mind that it had been his first attempt at the distance or that he had diarrhea for days beforehand. On the run, he ducked into a portable toilet twice, costing him over 90 seconds, and he still clocked a 2:35:24 marathon. He beat the triathlon record time by over six minutes.


His result shook the triathlon world to an extent that bewildered Blummenfelt, 26. “The strange thing for us was the Cozumel race got at least as much attention as the Olympics,” he said, referring to his gold medal performance at the Tokyo Games.


Jan Frodeno, the three-time Ironman world champion who held the record Blummenfelt appeared to break, called his Cozumel performance “next level.”



What's New in the 303:


Mountain Swim Series Announces Events for 2022

The 2022 Mountain Swim Series dates are on the books, check them out below! We will open registration before the end of January. You will get an email letting you know that registration is open! But first, a couple of quick notes:


Because we don’t know what this upcoming summer will look like with COVID, we will NOT have race-day registration this year, and we will have to close registration 1-week in advance of all races. Please sign up early if you

want to swim!!


The dates for the swim series are as follows:


Chilly Chatfield – Sunday June 5, 2022

1 or 2 mile swim in water that we expect to be under 65 degrees.


Solstice Sunrise Swim – Sunday June 19, 2022


Events includes a 500 yard kids race, a 1.2 mile or 2.4 mile swim.


Carter Lake – Saturday July 16, 2022

A 3-mile swim in beautiful Northern Colorado.

We are hoping that 2022 will be the year we return to a true crossing of the lake!


Chatfield Classic – Sunday July 31, 2022

Limited to 200 participants, sign up in while there is still space!

1 mile or 2 mile swim.


The Castle 2.5K/5K/10K – Saturday August 27, 2022

This is the highest altitude organized marathon swim event in the country! We will have the camping option again on Friday night – which you’ll find through the swim registration site. Camping is $40 for a 4 person site and will decrease your morning day of drive!


Registration information and updates for the year can be found at



The Mountain Swim Series is donating gear to those affected by the Marshall Fire. Here is a community resource list to ask for the gear you need.

Please reach out to us via email at if you lost your home in the fire and we will support your racing for the summer!



We always need volunteers! If a significant other, friend, child (16 and over) is coming with you, we would love them to volunteer with us! If you are trying to decide to do one of the swims or new to open water swimming, volunteering is also a great opportunity! We couldn’t do this without our volunteers! In 2020, we will be continuing the tradition of giving our volunteers a free race entry after a volunteer shift!


To volunteer, sign up here:



Inside Tracker Update

Last week I shared some of the highlights of my DNA Reports. I did get my blood lab work back and have my combined DNA + Blood Bio Markers Report and have some highlights. It gave me my InnerAge of 45.9 years and areas where I'm at risk, including vitamin D deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency, liver function, low sodium, muscle health, testosterone and cortisol.


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The Preseason Project is a triathlon research initiative that helps us quantify and enhance the performance gains that TriDot's Optimized Training delivers over training alternatives.


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Planning an Olympic, Half, or Full triathlon for 2022 season

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Upcoming Guests


Understanding your hydration needs in racing can make the difference between a good race.




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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!