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303Endurance Podcast

Jun 26, 2021

This week we have 2021 Olympic Triathlon team member Summer Rappaport joining us to talk about her road to Tokyo which started in 2019 at the Tokyo test event.  Summer was a varsity swimmer and runner at Villanova University and, following graduation, she entered the USAT Collegiate Recruitment program, earning her pro card in March 2014.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview - Summer Rappaport
  • Endurance News - Driver Rams Cyclists In Arizona Race, Critically Injuring 6; Peloton Threatens to Brick It's Treadmill Customers
  • What New in the 303 - Lake To Lake Saturday; Boulder Sunrise Sunday; CHAIN LETTERS: An Essay Contest
  • Video of the Week - PTO announces Daniela Ryf as greatest all time triathlete



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Interview with Summer Rappaport

Summer was a varsity swimmer and runner at Villanova University and, following graduation, she entered the USAT Collegiate Recruitment program, earning her pro card in March 2014. After a first World Cup podium in 2015 in Alanya, in 2016, Summer scored three major wins with a debut WTS victory in Edmonton and golds at the Chengdu and Tongyeong World Cups, and was named ITU’s Breakout Female Star of the Year.


The 2019 season was the first that Summer competed as Rappaport after changing from Cook, beginning in style with silver in Cape Town and putting together a brilliant run that included silver at WTS Yokohama, gold in Huatulco, third in Hamburg and another silver in Edmonton.



- Winner 2019 Huatulco World Cup

- Winner 2017 & 2018 Miyazaki World Cup

- Winner 2018 Antwerp World Cup

- Winner 2017 Tongyeong World Cup

- Winner 2016 World Triathlon Edmonton


The US Triathlon team - Kevin McDowell (Geneva, Ill.) and Katie Zaferes (Cary, N.C.) were newly announced to the roster, joining Summer Rappaport (Thornton, Colo.), Taylor Knibb (Washington, D.C.) and Morgan Pearson (Boulder, Colo.).


Is there a team race strategy or an individual.



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Endurance News:


Driver Rams Cyclists In Arizona Race, Critically Injuring 6

SHOW LOW, Ariz. (AP) — A driver in a pickup truck plowed into bicyclists during a community road race in Arizona on Saturday, critically injuring several riders before police chased the driver and shot him outside a nearby hardware store, authorities said.


Six people were taken to a hospital in critical condition after the crash in the mountain town of Show Low, about a three-hour drive northeast of Phoenix, police said. Helmets, shoes and crumpled and broken bicycles were strewn across the street after the crash, and a tire was wedged into the grill of the truck, which had damage to its top and sides and a bullet hole in a window.


Two other people went to a hospital themselves, city spokeswoman Grace Payne said, and one of the severely injured was later flown by medical helicopter to a Phoenix-area hospital.  The suspect, a 35-year-old man, also was hospitalized in critical but stable condition.  "We don't know the motivation," Payne told The Associated Press. "We know he fled the scene."


Police said a Ford pickup truck struck the bicyclists about 7:25 a.m. in downtown Show Low during the annual 58-mile (93-kilometer) Bike the Bluff race, then fled. Officers pursued the driver and tried to stop him before he was shot, authorities said.



Peloton threatens to brick customers' $4,295 treadmills unless they pay up

The maker of the $4,295 Tread+ treadmill alerted customers that, going forward, they'll need to start forking over $39.99 per month if they want to keep using the exercise equipment they already own. The company confirmed the move over email, after a message to customers announcing the plan was shared by Peloton user Brianna Wu on Twitter.

At issue is the recall of the Peloton Tread and Tread+, following disturbing incidents of children and pets being sucked under the machines resulting in injuries and even one death. According to the company, a new feature called Tread Lock will prevent "unauthorized access" to the Tread+.

"Unfortunately, Tread Lock is not yet available without a Peloton Membership," explained the Peloton statement to Mashable, "which means Tread+ owners without a subscription cannot access Just Run at this time."

For those not familiar with the Peloton lingo, "Just Run" was a setting on Peloton's treadmills which allowed owners to use the product without a monthly subscription. That option, according to Peloton, is no more. In other words, Tread+ owners who previously opted to not pay the monthly subscription fee now find they have no choice if they want to keep using the bulky machine taking up valuable real estate in their apartments or homes.




What's New in the 303:


Is the popularity of Gravel Racing changing the ethos of the sport?

Much of the coverage of Unbound Gravel – 2021, formerly known as Dirty Kanza, centered around a number of interesting in-race situations. Such as the men’s elite leaders in the 200-mile event appearing to “neutralize” the final aid station while each member of the lead group took on fuel and hydration, and others worked out mechanical issues.

An agreement to “settle things on the course” strikes me as a fine example of sportsmanship to aspire to. To allow each individual the opportunity at the win based on their skills, fitness and grit. Chapeau gents.


CHAIN LETTERS: An Essay Contest

Why do you love cycling and why does cycling make the world a better place?

If you are a Colorado kid, between the ages of 12 – 18, you can win a great selection of prizes, by answering this question in 750 words, but no more than 2,000.


Deadline for entry is August 15, 2021 at midnight.  Grand Prizes for the top 3 essays, as selected by a panel of judges, from the essays submitted will be announced on August 23, 2021.  Random contestant essays will be selected on July 16 and August 2 for bike-related prizes — so don’t wait, enter early for the best chance chance to win!


Video of the Week:

Daniela Ryf: Greatest of All Time | PTO


Upcoming Interviews

  • Jenn Dice to talk about People For Bikes and their mission for bikes in transportation, mobility and recreation decisions at all levels of government. We ensure bikes are prioritized and positioned as a real solution to improve Americans’ health, connect communities, boost local and state economies, strengthen our nation and protect our planet. 
  • Bob Seebohar to help us understand how to use metabolic testing to put together a race pacing and nutrition plan




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