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303Endurance Podcast

Apr 18, 2020

We started last week's show with the statement "if you are in your mid forties and think your best years are behind you, think again" as we introduced Matt Fitzgerald and his story of living out a dream to train and race with a professional running team to find every bit of potential he had in his 46 year old body.

We start this weeks show with the statement "if you are in your mid sixties and think your best years are behind you, think again". At the age of 62 and at 335 pounds Sue Reynolds started a journey that started with a walk to a neighbors house and back. Step by step, goal by goal, she discovered running and then triathlon and completely transformed her body and life. At the age of 67 she has completed 5 seasons of triathlon and has been to 4 world championships.

Also in today's show:

  • What's new in the 303
  • Endurance News
  • Video of the Week


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I've been talking the last couple of weeks about the "Keep Moving with UCAN" series on UCAN's Instagram Live. I told you that my 20 year old daughter and I have done the 20min HIIT sessions with American Ninja Warrior Chris Poirier Kim - total ass kicking. Last week they also had Hunter Allen leading a 30min "Pyramid of Power" cycling session, and a discussion with Greg McMillan about 5 tips to adapt your run training during this unique time. There are more UCAN Instagram Live streams so follow them @genUcan.

Matt Bach from UCAN and Heidi Strickler had a webinar last night that was very educational. I highly recommend you check it out. It talks about the science, how to prepare, how to use for different distances. Heidi even says there's a great pancake recipe out there using UCAN.


I'm working in the "man cave" on conference calls for hours at a time and need to keep up my energy and focus. Coffee gets old, I never drink soda, and won't drink a traditional sports drink unless training. One thing I love about UCAN is that unlike sugary sports nutrition, UCAN can be used outside of training too since the bars and powders provide healthy, steady energy with little to no sugar. I go to UCAN energy drink or a UCAN bar to keep my hunger satisfied and carry me through a daily marathon of meetings to keep me energized and productive. My favorite bar is the coffee flavor, but they have two new flavors - chocolate/almond butter and salted peanut butter which have been a hit.


Hey, since you are not racing, this is a great time to experiment with new nutrition in your training, something that is completely different than other sports nutrition out there. Use code MHE2020 for 15% off at, or try the


Interview with Sue Reynold:

Let's get into the interview.

Sue Reynolds Race Results -

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What's New in the 303:

Rob Quinn; Stories of Bike Racing in 80’s SoCal, Colorado Ties & Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

Well in San Diego I decided you needed a little more than Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll. You needed plenty of exercise and sunshine. You needed to make good money because everything that’s fun costs money in Southern California. You needed to get in that ocean every day because the beach rules. You needed a bike. Because these were the zenith days of cycling. Let me count the ways.


USA Triathlon, IRONMAN U Collaborate on First-Ever Coaching Education Partnership

USA Triathlon and IRONMAN U today announced a first-of-its-kind partnership that will enable multisport coaches in the USA Triathlon Coaching Certification Program to earn USA Triathlon Approved Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by completing the IRONMAN U online coach certification course.

The USA Triathlon Coaching Certification Program was established in order to provide aspiring coaches with the tools to develop athletes effectively, help them set and reach their goals in multisport, and maintain safe environments for training and racing. The program also enables coaches nationwide to network and share best practices through in-person and online clinics and educational events. The USA Triathlon coach development pathway starts with an online learning course called Foundations of USA Triathlon Coaching, then progresses through increasingly advanced coach certifications to educate and support triathlon coaches of all levels.


Endurance News:

Endurance Sports Coalition Unites 475 Organizations to Secure COVID-19 Relief

With the immediate suspension of events across the nation due to social distancing and quarantine impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders across the endurance sports landscape formed the Endurance Sports Coalition to advocate for relief. The grassroots coalition creates one united voice for the endurance sports industry, which accounts for 50,000 events annually, 500,000 jobs, and provides health and fitness experiences to 30 million Americans. The coalition plans to educate Congress and the White House about the need for relief and support for operators of endurance sporting events and their supporting industries. Forged by USA Triathlon, Spartan, Tough Mudder, IRONMAN, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series, Running USA and USA Cycling, the coalition currently has more than 475 members across the triathlon, multisport, running, obstacle course and cycling event industries.


No pool? No problem. You can still keep your stroke sharp without access to the water

Training for a triathlon during a global pandemic becomes an even taller task, especially for swimmers who don’t have access to their local pools with most gyms and public pools shut down due to shelter-in-place mandates around the country.

Maurya Couvares, an assistant coach for the Wagner women’s triathlon team in Staten Island, New York, is one of many swimmers who has been forced to get creative in the comfort of her own home while Olympic-sized swimming pools are not an option.

“Without a pool, swimmers can use stretch cords to continue working on swim-specific muscular endurance and fitness,” Couvares said. “Typically stretch cord workouts can be much shorter than a pool workout — anywhere from 5-25 minutes depending on fitness level and experience. Workouts can be structured as a short warm-up followed by a set of 'on' and 'off' intervals (for example, moving your arms as you would in freestyle swim for 30 seconds, taking 30 seconds off, then repeating 10 times). When using stretch cords it's important to remember the key technical part of each swim stroke. For freestyle, keeping a high elbow catch at the front of the stroke is important -- so make sure you do that while using stretch cords too.


Video of the Week:

Ride Solo with the Colorado Classic

303 Garage Talk #2: Colin Laughery


Upcoming Interviews:

Matt Miller from BASE Performance talking about a number of topics including the IRONMAN purchase, being a guide for blind athletes and the COVID-19 impact on the sports nutrition business.



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