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303Endurance Podcast

Jun 5, 2021

This week we have Sharon Madison and John Genell from We Ride 4. We Ride 4 is a community of cyclists that create unique experiences for members through weekly rides, participation in cycling events and social gatherings throughout the year.  What makes them really unique is their charitable organization and partnerships to improve communities and conservation awareness.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview - We Ride 4
  • Endurance News - Arzechena, Leeds 
  • What New in the 303 - Colorado Tri, E-Rock and BRAC to Bicycle Colorado
  • Video of the Week - Arzechena Highlights



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Interview with Sharon Madison and John Genell

Madison was once a professional cyclist, and has since dedicated her life’s work to building a community around the idea that a bike creates freedom and empowerment. She started the bike club at Wish 4 Wheels, providing bikes to second graders at Title 1 schools in Denver, and in the midst of the pandemic she created a new non-profit organization – We Ride 4 — which raises funds to support organizations that promote fitness, health and outdoor adventure for children.


We also have John Genell who is a former Board member of Wish for Wheels and helped found We Ride 4 with Sharon.  John comes from a career working in Big 5 Consulting.  John was at Deloitte when I was at Arthur Anderson.  More recently he worked at Grant Thornton and now in the property development business.  He's also an avid cyclist and Chief Ambassador at We Ride 4.


Let's get into our interview with Sharon Madison and John Genell.

We Ride 4


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Endurance News:


ARZACHENA, Italy — Matt McElroy (Huntington Beach, Calif.) led a group of five Americans Saturday at a World Triathlon Cup race in a 61-man field highlighted by three world champions in Arzachena, Italy. McElroy’s fifth-place finish was his best international result since a string of three consecutive World Triathlon Cup wins in the fall of 2019.

With a time of 55 minutes, 11 seconds on the sprint-distance course, McElroy was 12 seconds off a podium that was led by Great Britain’s Jonathan Brownlee, a two-time Olympic medalist and 2012 World Triathlon champion, in 54:48. Adrien Briffod of Switzerland claimed silver in 54:52 for his first World Triathlon Cup medal since a June 2017 win, while three-time World Triathlon champion Mario Mola of Spain was third in 54:59.

On a warm, dry day in Italy, it was Seth Rider (Germantown, Tenn.) who appeared to be the U.S. favorite through the start of the race. Hungary’s Márk Dévay led after the 750-meter swim, followed by a group of 10 that included Rider. In third after the first transition, the 2014 U.S. Youth Olympian took the lead at one point during the first lap of the bike among a trio that included Dévay and Brownlee.

Rider, McElroy and 2010 Youth Olympian Kevin McDowell (Geneva, Ill.) all remained in the large lead group of up to 24 athletes throughout the three-lap, 19.3-kilometer ride with McDowell and McElroy sixth and seventh at the end of the bike, which was led by Frenchmen Paul Georgenthum and Arthur Berland. Rider was once again the leading American after the second transition, in fourth, until McElroy made his move during the 5-kilometer run.

McElroy vaulted from 11th to fifth in the first lap of the run, and fought to maintain that pace through the finish while Brownlee and Briffod broke away on the second and final lap to lead the race.  McDowell placed 21st in 56:05 and Rider 24th in 56:36. With a time of 57:43, 2016 Olympian Ben Kanute (Geneva, Ill.) was 35th, while Darr Smith (Atlanta, Ga.), who had raced the Olympic-distance World Triathlon Cup Lisbon one week prior, was 47th in 1:00:23.

McElroy’s finish improved his rank in the World Triathlon Olympic Qualification Rankings by one spot. The U.S. will send three men to Tokyo if it maintains three men in the top-30 of the Olympic Qualification Rankings by June 14. Morgan Pearson, who did not compete in Arzachena, is the only U.S. male currently qualified for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team by way of his bronze medal at the World Triathlon Championship Series Yokohama on May 15. All remaining spots on the U.S. Olympic Team will be named via discretion by USA Triathlon’s Games Athletes Selection Committee after June 14.

Other notes-

  • US only country to have 3 athletes each men and women
  • Jonathon Brownlee broke free by a mile on the first climb dropping Seth Rider and Richard Varga
  • Kristian Blummenfelt 20 seconds back on the swim finish and then caught JB on the decent of the first climb
  • Richard Varga first off the bike
  • Only one US woman in the field, Gina Sereno who DNF'd
  • Kevin McDowell, 21st
  • Ben Kanute down 3 minutes and 35th


Results: Elite Men | 2021 World Triathlon Cup Arzachena — World Triathlon

Results: Elite Women | 2021 World Triathlon Cup Arzachena — World Triathlon


What's New in the 303:


Without Limits, Boulder Triathlon Race info & registration | withoutlimits this weekend at Boulder Res with a Sprint, Oly, Du and Aquabike


Elephant Rock Ride Elephant Rock | Roll Massif has a kids ride, Family Fun Ride, 28.5 Gravel, 44, 62, and 100.


It Could Be Me board member announcement; Mo Siegel (Celestial Seasonings and Red Zinger bike classic founder), Chris Carmichael, Pete Piccolo, Rachel Joyce


BRAC Changes Name to Colorado Cycling and Re-defines Mission

Denver, Colorado.  Colorado Cycling (formerly the Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado) is proud to release its new logo and mission statement.  The organization changed its name this spring to reflect its new identity and mission, which is to support the full spectrum of cycling events in our great state.  “Rather than focusing our energy on solely the traditional forms of bicycle racing, the organization is now committed to supporting, enhancing, and growing the sport in all its forms, including road, mountain, track, gravel, cyclocross, triathlon, high school league and fundraising events,” said Andy Johnson, Board President.


Colorado Cycling has adopted a new mission statement that reflects this change:

“Colorado Cycling advances the sport by inspiring our community to experience cycling events in the Rocky Mountain region.”


In addition, Colorado Cycling has created a new logo for the organization, which illustrates the organization’s 45 years of service to the cycling community.  It features the red rider image that has been part of the organization’s identity for decades, and incorporates the familiar blue, red and yellow of the state flag.


Bill & Rich's Excellent [Endurance] Adventure

  • Bill
    • Elephant Rock?
  • Rich
    • Open water swimming at Chatfield and training for Pikes Peak and the Triple
    • Discuss Major Taylor book if time


Video of the Week:

World Triathlon Cup Arzachena - Elite Men's Highlights


Upcoming Interviews

  • 5th at Arzachena, Matt McElroy joining us to talk about that race, his race this weekend in Leeds and the Olympic selection process.
  • We are being introduced to Coach Jeff Troesch by Sue Reynolds.  Jeff Troesch, MA, LMHC is an internationally recognized expert in the field of mental skills training and performance enhancement and has been involved in training athletes and other elite performers since 1988.



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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!