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303Endurance Podcast

May 20, 2023

Yokohama drama, Chatty 70.3 anticipation, Durango bike racing, an inspiring bike movie and navigating your first race of the season. We are all over the place this week!


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In Today's Show

  • Endurance News - Yokohama, Chatty 70.3 Women
  • What's new in the 303 - The Engine Inside Movie, Durango and behind the bike race curtain
  • Coaching Tip of the Week -  Navigating Your First Race; First Race of the Season


Endurance News:


WTCS Yokohama 2023 men’s results: Hayden Wilde runs rivals ragged

By Jonathan Turner

Hayden Wilde put a flat tyre in Abu Dhabi behind him in perfect style as he ran away with the win at WTCS Yokohama.


The New Zealander, who was second to the absent Alex Yee here last year, had a great swim and was then a driving force in a huge group on the bike – and thankfully this time there was no mechanical mishap to derail him.


With the race effectively boiling down to the 10km run, Wilde took the lead early on alongside reigning WTCS champion Léo Bergere (FRA) before kicking clear on the second of four laps en route to a dominant win.


He had plenty of time to celebrate on the blue carpet but behind him there was a thrilling battle for the podium places – Matt Hauser (AUS) sprinting to second, with Vasco Vilaca (POR) in third.


Reigning Olympic champion Kristian Blummenfelt, second last week at the PTO European Open in Ibiza, was eighth while his Norwegian compatriot Gustav Iden was nearly five minutes back in 39th.


Meanwhile earlier in the day Britain’s Sophie Coldwell notched her biggest-ever win in the women’s race – click here for that report.


WTCS Yokohama 2023 Results

Saturday May 13 2023 – ELITE MEN

1.5km / 40k / 10k


1. Hayden Wilde (NZL) 1:42:13

2. Matt Hauser (AUS) 1:42:17

3. Vasco Vilaca (POR) 1:42:18

4. Dorian Coninx (FRA) 1:42:22

5. Léo Bergere (FRA) 1:42:26

6. Adrien Briffod (SUI) 1:42:37

7. Jelle Geens (BEL) 1:42:42

8. Kristian Blummenfelt (NOR) 1:42:48

9. Csonger Lehmann (HUN) 1:42:53

10. Henri Schoeman (RSA) 1:43:01


WTCS Rankings Standings after Yokohama

1. Vasco Vilaca (POR) 1549.38pts

2. Dorian Coninx (FRA) 1340.52pts

3. Léo Bergere (FRA) 1239.98pts

4. Matt Hauser (AUS) 1124.28pts

5. Adrien Briffod (SUI) 1049.01pts


WTCS Yokohama 2023 women’s results: Sophie Coldwell claims landmark win

By Jonathan Turner

Britain’s Sophie Coldwell claimed her first WTCS victory in impressive style as she powered to an emphatic triumph in Yokohama.


Wearing the number one bib, she was to the fore from the start, part of the front group in the swim which then distanced the rest on the bike.


Coming out of T2, she was a fraction behind Taylor Knibb (USA), the winner here in 2021 and returning after a stress fracture in her foot, but quickly moved into the lead and would never look back.


Coldwell bossed the run and crossed the line 17 seconds ahead of Rosa Maria Tapia, the first Mexican woman to make the podium in a WTCS event.


Knibb stayed on well for a fine third in her comeback race, fellow US star Taylor Spivey collected another fourth place and Britain’s U23 world champion Kate Waugh registered her best finish at this level in fifth.


But there was frustration for last year’s WTCS overall runner-up Georgia Taylor-Brown (GBR) who was never able to threaten the podium after losing touch with the front group on the swim, eventually finishing seventh.


Her great friend Coldwell, having come second to the absent Beth Potter in the opening WTCS race of the season in Abu Dhabi, moves to the top of this season’s standings.


Meanwhile in the men’s race, Hayden Wilde ran away from his rivals to take the win – click here for that report.


WTCS Yokohama 2023 Results

Saturday May 13 2023 – ELITE WOMEN

1.5km / 40k / 10k


1. Sophie Coldwell (GBR) 1:53:32

2. Rosa Maria Tapia (MEX) 1:53:49

3. Taylor Knibb (USA) 1:54:02

4. Taylor Spivey (USA) 1:54:14

5. Kate Waugh (GBR) 1:54:20

6. Maya Kingma (NED) 1:54:40

7. Georgia Taylor-Brown (GBR) 1:54:48

8. Kirsten Kasper (USA) 1:55:03

9. Emma Lombardi (FRA) 1:55:10

10. Summer Rappaport (USA) 1:55:30


WTCS Rankings Standings after Yokohama

1. Sophie Coldwell (GBR) 1693.75pts

2. Taylor Spivey (USA) 1433.17pts

3. Rosa Maria Tapia (MEX) 1157.91pts

4. Summer Rappaport (USA) 1089.35pts

5. Emma Lombardi (FRA) 970.52pts


IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga 2023: Start time, preview and how to watch live

By Tomos Land


IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga is the next North American middle distance event on the calendar, with the action heading to Tennessee this weekend with a women’s only professional field.


Chattanooga, a small city in the southeast of Tennessee, last year saw Jason West and Jackie Hering take the wins at a race which also doubled as the North American Championships. This year, Herring will return to defend her title.


In our preview below you can find everything you need to know, from start times to streaming information, plus a preview of the professional women’s field.


Start time and how to watch live

The race takes place on Sunday 22 May 2022.


The Pro race will start at 0650 local time (Eastern). That corresponds to 1150 in the UK and 1250 CET.


The race will be shown live, with the event the fourth of 12 IRONMAN 70.3 events to be broadcast in 2023 in a partnership with Outside TV. You will be able to watch for free via web, mobile or connected TV app.


As always, the ever reliable IRONMAN Tracker is the perfect data addition to support your viewing. If you haven’t got it on your phone already, where have you been?!


Pro Women

In the professional women’s field, Canadian Paula Findlay will line up for her third race in a month as she looks to take her first 70.3 win of the season.


Paula Findlay PTO European Open 2023 run

[Photo credit PTO / Darren Wheeler]

Findlay, currently ranked PTO #4, will be racing off the back of an impressive fifth place finish at the PTO Tour European Open in Ibiza, where she raced strongly from start to finish.


Defending champion Hering will hope for another win in Tennessee, but against a field of this calibre, which has a strength of field rating of 83.37, might struggle, with her best result this season fifth at IRONMAN 70.3 St George.


The winner from that race, Jeanni Metzler, is set to go again after that emotional return to the top of a podium, after a long period when she doubted she would ever race again.


She told us this week: “It’s kind of a quick turnaround but I’ve decided I just want to toe the line again. I haven’t raced that much in the past 18 months so it’s going to be good practice to just maybe improve some things on a different course and in different conditions. So I’m looking forward to racing again.”


Along with Skye Moench (second) and Danielle Lewis (third), the full St George podium from that North American Championship race will go head-to-head again.


Metzler Moench Lewis IRONMAN 70.3 St George podium 2023 [Photo credit: Jacob Kupferman / Getty Images for IRONMAN]

[Photo credit: Jacob Kupferman / Getty Images for IRONMAN]

The event could also potentially see the season debut of Sarah True, who as if balancing professional triathlon and family was not enough, is also fitting in a full-time university course! Little seems to slow True down though, the two-time Olympian winning both IRONMAN Lake Placid and IRONMAN Arizona in 2022.



Prize Money: What’s on the line?

The prize purse on offer this weekend is $25,000 – with each of the winners collecting a $7,500 share of that total.


In addition to money, there will be a total of two qualifying slots for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Lahti, Finland in August.


The total funds will be paid eight-deep, as follows:











Pro Race Schedule -


What's New in the 303:

The Cyclist-Lawyer Megan Hottman Featured in The Engine Inside Movie

By Kate Agathon


May 17, 2023, Cycling is an emotional experience. It can be joyful. It can be heartbreaking. It can be empowering.


Just ask Golden-based lawyer Megan Hottman (aka The Cyclist-Lawyer), who is one of six bicyclists featured in The Engine Inside, the newest cycling film coming out this summer by Anthill Films.


Narrated by Phil Ligget, The Engine Inside shares the stories of bicyclists from all over the globe who reveal the unique power of the bicycle to change lives and build a better world. “I feel incredibly honored to be featured as one of the six people in this film, when I know that Anthill Films had a long list of amazing humans with amazing stories to choose from,” said Hottman.


Hottman is well-known in the cycling community for her dedication to making Colorado a better place for bicyclists. Her tireless work on behalf of all bicyclists has resulted in numerous, and hard-fought positive outcomes for the cycling community.


She notably represented the family of U.S. Masters road race champion (and friend and former teammate) Gwen Inglis who was killed by a driver in 2021 and was awarded an unprecedented $353 million verdict in a civil lawsuit against the driver.


The Engine Inside offers a rare glimpse into how Hottman experiences the world as a bicyclist- both in public and private life.


Specifically, the film captures Hottman at her most vulnerable- at a ghost bike dedication for Inglis shortly after she was struck and killed by a driver. Or, when Hottman herself is hit by a pickup truck driver and suffers serious injuries.


Hottman said, “One part I am happiest about is the inclusion of Gwen’s story in my section- and that now she’ll be known and honored globally everywhere the film is shown. It’s one small way to keep her name and legacy alive and shared.”


“I’m not afraid to show my emotions -on film or off- as we’re all in this human experience together and it’s hard. To pretend otherwise does our experiences a disservice. I am who I am, real and raw, and at times emotional. I’m glad the film captures that range of emotions not just in my story but in other character stories as well,” she continued.


While a bicycle can have a positive impact on physical and mental health, it can also be utilized as a powerful tool for social change, as Hottman demonstrates.


By deconstructing the lived experiences of bicyclists, The Engine Inside urges audiences to consider what can be accomplished by simply riding a bike. What change can we make every time we get on the saddle?


Transcending geographical borders, economic circumstances, and language barriers, the transformative power of the bicycle to those who use it in their daily lives is inspiring.


“We were looking for really well rounded people that had an amazing story to tell, and that each had a connection to the bicycle from a different perspective,” explained The Engine Inside director Darcy Wittenburg.


“Although there is some overlap with some of them, they each represent some of the major ways bicycles help humanity from mental health to transportation and everything in between,” she continued.


The narratives shared by The Engine Inside are as diverse as its six participants. Their stories confront a culture that revolves around cars, and encompass global issues that range from climate change, more livable cities, socio-economic inequality, and indigenous trauma.


Despite often formidable personal and systematic obstacles to overcome, each bicyclist used the bicycle as a catalyst for hope and agency.


Threading their powerful stories into a cohesive narrative was also a challenge. “There’s so many ways to look at this as it was a challenging project all around! Narrowing down the vast world of cycling into an 80-minute film was probably the first and ongoing challenge for us,” said Wittenburg.


“The main motivation was to focus the film on personal stories that many people can relate to. It was a tricky balance keeping the topic of cycling in the background so the characters’ connection to cycling could shine through,” she added.


Sponsored by Hottman Law Office, The Engine Inside Golden premiere will take place 5:30 to 8 PM on June 29 at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden. Tickets are $10 and may be purchased here. Proceeds will benefit Bike JeffCo.


“We’re really excited to be part of sharing a film that has the potential to change how bicyclists are perceived! The bicycle is truly a vehicle for making change, both in individuals and communities,” said Bike Jeffco Chair, Jan Stevenson.


“From the time you are a new rider, you learn how to be resilient, how to navigate, how to solve problems. You build confidence in your ability to get things done. These stories take that confidence and show how to elevate these abilities to bigger solutions to bigger problems,” she continued.


Stevenson remarked how fitting it was that The Engine Inside’s overarching theme intersects with the mission of Bike Jeffco. “We want to share the joy of biking! The shared global stories really highlight the wide range of positive impacts that simply riding a bike and having access to bikes, can bring to a community,” she said. “Biking is fun, exhilarating, and hard work all at once! The sense of freedom and empowerment that comes with the ability to control where and when we go places is huge,” concluded Stevenson.


Bike Jeffco will be holding a Meet and Greet at Colorado Tap House on June 10 from 10 AM to 2 PM. Learn more about their advocacy and about the Golden premiere of The Engine Inside.


Check out the official trailer for The Engine Inside- a new documentary about the often-overlooked, world-changing potential of the bicycle.

Official Trailer: The Engine Inside - A Documentary About Using Bicycles To Build A Better Future



Tip of the Week:


Navigating your 1st Race

  • Registration
  • Athlete Guide
  • Race Course
  • Hydrating and fueling
  • Swim - starting position, drafting, sighting, buoy turns
  • Bike - aid stations, drafting rules,
  • Run -
  • Packet Pickup
  • Transition Area Setup
    • The stack
    • Minimal
    • Bike in gear
    • Shoes clipped or not
  • Walking your route and marking
  • Plan your line for the swim and position



Case Study - Without Limits Productions Colorado Triathlon on June 3rd

Race Info/Schedule:

Course Map:



RunDot Launched by Predictive Fitness, Developer of TriDot

May 17, 2023


DALLAS, TX – May 17, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Predictive Fitness announces the launch of RunDot, a run training app driven by decades of data and patents-pending artificial intelligence. The platform produces dynamic, individualized run training for better results in less time while being motivational, fun, and easy to use.


RunDot leverages the same core proven optimization technology as TriDot (its sister app for triathletes) and features an athlete community that is as supportive as the training is effective. Touted in publications such as Forbes, Men’s Health, Tech Times, Triathlete, LA Weekly, NY Weekly, and Men’s Journal, TriDot has long delivered performance improvements that significantly outpace the gains made by other training methods.


“Runners no longer have to rely on static plans, simplistic ‘adaptive’ training templates, or someone’s personal training philosophy,” says Jeff Booher, CEO and Founder of Predictive Fitness Inc., developer of RunDot. “Our proprietary and one-of-a-kind technologies consider numerous factors such as genetics, environmental conditions, age, and normalized training stress to prescribe optimal training for runners so they can better achieve their health and fitness goals, avoid injuries and break through performance plateaus.”


RunDot can be used with or without a coach, like TriDot, which has attracted hundreds of coaches including some of the most prominent names in the sport of triathlon. Mark Allen, Michellie Jones, Mirinda Carfrae, and Tim O’Donnell are a prestigious group of coaches on the platform with 10 IRONMAN World Championship titles, numerous Hall of Fame honors, and an Olympic Silver medal. RunDot similarly offers coaches the ability to better serve their athletes and their coaching businesses by letting technology do what technology does best – analyze data and optimize training – so that coaches can focus on the human side of coaching and spend more quality time with their athletes.


About RunDot:

  • Run training platform for both athletes and coaches, driven by decades of data and AI to produce better results in less time with fewer injuries.
  • Optimized run training platform powered by the same AI engine as TriDot.
  • Similar features, look and feel, capabilities, and results as TriDot.
  • RunDot can be used with or without a coach.
  • The platform produces optimized run training for better results in less time while being motivational, fun, and easy to use.
  • Unparalleled results for runners and coaches at a price point that fits any budget.
  • Early access – invite your runner friends onto RunDot with your coach-specific URLs.


Are there plans for a swim and bike version of Run and TriDot. Yes, VeloDot and SwimDot are on the product roadmap.


TriDot (and now RunDot) are training platforms that build a training plan and daily workouts using AI and machine learning using your individual experience, training and performance data to optimize your training to have better race results with fewer injuries.


TriDot Sign-Up Link

RunDot Sign-Up Link

The RunDot Project Sign-Up Link




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