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303Endurance Podcast

Mar 13, 2021

This week we are continuing our theme on discipline and development with coach Ryan Bolton of Bolton Endurance Sports Training.  Ryan presented at the Endurance Exchange on the topic of Balancing Quantitative and Qualitative Data with Dirk Friel.  We are also going to be talking about his coaching philosophies and how he uses objective and subjective data to coach Sam for example.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview - Ryan Bolton
  • Endurance News - Challenge Miami today; The Tri Summit March 18-21
  • What New in the 303 - Open Letter From Without Limits on Upcoming Season
  • Video of the Week - Sam Long 1000 Time Trial Rematch Video


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Interview with Ryan Bolton

Ryan Bolton (born March 26, 1973 in Rapid City, South Dakota) is an athlete from the United States. He competed in cross country, swimming and track for Campbell County High School in Gillette, Wyoming. He ran cross country and track for the University of Wyoming. He now competes in triathlon.

Bolton competed at the first Olympic triathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympics.[3] He took twenty-fifth place with a total time of 1:50:52.95. Bolton won the 2002 Ironman Triathlon at Lake Placid. Bolton was coached by Joe Friel.

Bolton now coaches a group of elite runners in Santa Fe, NM with the Harambee Track Club.

Bolton competed at the first Olympic triathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympics. Bolton won the 2002 Ironman Triathlon at Lake Placid. Bolton was coached by Joe Friel.


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Endurance News:

Challenge Miami and PTO Rankings

Many of our PTO Professionals will be racing at CHALLENGEMIAMI® on Friday which is an important race as they will not only be racing for their result on the day but, crucially, for much sought after PTO World Rankings Points which will enable them to qualify for the Collins Cup later this year. With the top four ranked male and female athletes being automatically selected for Team Europe, Team International and Team USA, those currently in those qualification spots will be keen to solidify their position. Equally, those not already qualified will be eager to move up in the PTO World Rankings to be eligible for automatic qualification or to impress their Team Captains enough to be chosen as a Captain’s Pick.

As with Challenge Daytona in December, this race will also take place on a NASCAR track, the Homestead-Miami Speedway. The women’s pro race is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. ET with the men’s following at 3:15 p.m. ET, and much of the racing action will be centered around the 650-acre speedway venue, which has two lakes, a 1.5-mile oval track, and a 2.2-mile road around it. The pros will be racing a unique distance: a one-mile swim, a 39-mile bike, and a 10.5-mile run. Similarly to Challenge Daytona, this race course will suit those athletes who can hold fast, flat power on the bike as they race a total of 17 laps on the track. The run course involves seven laps.

For those wanting to catch all the pro racing action live, you can tune into Challenge Miami’s Facebook page. It will cost $2.99 to watch the pro race. A highlights show of the pro race will also be broadcast on NBCSN on March 18 at 2 p.m. ET, March 21 at noon ET, and March 22 at 2:30 p.m. ET. The age-group races—which take place on Saturday and Sunday—will also be livestreamed on Facebook (for no cost).


Challenge Miami Schedule of Events

The Tri Summit (sponsored in part by UCAN)

March 17-19, the TriSummit is for triathletes who don’t settle. For triathletes who have a growth mindset, and want to get the most out of themselves as we return to racing in 2021. It doesn’t matter whether the goal is to finish, to PR, or to qualify for Kona or USAT Nationals…what brings triathletes together at TheTriSummit is the pursuit of something greater than who you are today.

Hosted by the legendary Bob Babbitt and guest host Dede Griesbauer (Ultraman World Record Holder), you will be taken on a journey with 15 top pro triathletes and experts to learn about curated topics in the sport of triathlon, with a particular focus on how to best emerge from the pandemic to successful racing. Your personal best is ahead of you in 2021.


What's New in the 303:

Open Letter From Without Limits on Upcoming Season and New Waitlist Option

As the days start to grow longer, that cabin fever has many of you wondering; what will triathlon season look like? Things are starting to move in the right direction for Colorado and the current COVID-Dial 2.0. Just this past week, Jefferson and Broomfield Counties recently moved to Level Blue, and the state enters Vaccine Phase 1B.3 for ages 60+ this Friday. Boulder County (Colorado Tri on June 5th) and Larimer County (XTERRA Lory on June 12th) “should” still safely enter Level Green (500 event limit) by the end of May.

We use “should” in quotes, as our goal continues to stay on the side of caution, giving each event the best possible chance to move forward. That being said, we’re placing a 250-athlete cap (Level Blue) on ALL June events. Our new registration provider (TriReg) has a waitlist feature. How does it work? Once we hit the 250 level you’ll be able to register for the waitlist, and it will store your payment info temporarily without charging you. Assuming we hit Level Green, then you’ll be automatically rolled into the event without any additional sign-up needed, receiving an immediate update e-mail.

Our goal is to notify all wait list athletes a minimum of 3 weeks prior to race day. Please note, that current 250 capacity level is combined for all distances. Unlike some running events that have been able to stage multiple waves throughout the day, we face unique obstacles such as limited water access, that prevent this option.


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303 Book of the Month

We have an oldie but a goodie to recommend, especially as crews begin their climbs up Everest. Bear Grylls wrote about his climb in 2000. This book is a bit different, it shares a lot of interesting detail about his experience, as in normal stuff, like trying to go to the bathroom at 23,000 feet in the dark, stuff you have maybe always wondered about, how scared he was at 23 to try this climb.


Video of the Week:




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