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303Endurance Podcast

Nov 28, 2020

This week we are talking to another big contender for next week's PTO's Challenge Daytona race.  Matt Hanson came in 2nd with a 7:55:02 at IM Florida the beginning of the month.  He is on his way to Challenge Daytona and is currently ranked #17 in PTO's world ranking.  More on that after the interview.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview with Matt Hanson
  • Endurance News - PTO Ranking System
  • What New in the 303 - TBD
  • Video of the Week


Interview with Matt Hanson:

Matt Hanson comes from a wrestling background, but running has always been a passion. In 2014, his first year as a pro, Matt set 3 run course records and won Ironman Chattanooga. He has since tallied 11 professional wins, including 3 North American Championship titles. He also owns the fastest ever time at an Ironman-branded, full distance event (7:39:25) where he also clocked the fastest ever marathon off the bike with a 2:34.

Former professor of Exercise Science with 9 years of University experience. Matt has worked in the higher education industry, Nonprofit Organizations, Research and Publishing, and Public Speaking.

Experienced professional triathlon, cycling, and running coach. Owner and manager of MattHansonRacing.

Post Interview Discussion:

  • Qualified for Kona and free to do what he wants in 2021. 
  • Specific 70.3 build perhaps
  • Age Grouper encounter on the swim and 2 loop swim
  • Drafting benefit at 10 meter vs 20 meter
  • Tactics win or lose races - knowing who had slots and who didn't; knowing each competitors run times
  • Have as steady a day as possible.  Keep the Variability Index low.
  • Those phone alerts were Matt getting updates from his athletes reporting the results of their training sessions for the day
  • Definitely thinks Daytona thinks the course favors the swimmers and runners.  The flat course does not help strong riders.  "Don't think you'll find a pro triathlete that thinks this favors the long course athletes".  It's going to take big power to make up the difference on the bike.
  • Coach Matt Hanson tells athlete Matt Hanson that this is going to be red line race
  • Hoping to race Collins Cup
  • Sweat rate 8 pounds per hour
  • Coach Julie
  • Stress fracture in sacrum
  • 20.7 pounds in Kona
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Endurance News:

PTO's world ranking

The PTO World Rankings is a first-of-its-kind ranking technology to measure the world’s greatest half and full distance professional triathletes. It is a worldwide benchmark of consistent excellence in Triathlon, and it is used to determine the automatic qualifying places for The Collins Cup.

The PTO World Rankings has a proprietary formula that does not favour any particular series of races or geographical area, but instead measures talent and achievement based on the results of an athlete no matter where and when they choose to race.

The PTO in association with, has analysed each race course to determine the theoretical Ideal Time that the top ranked athlete would likely achieve. Using proprietary algorithms, this Ideal Time is then adjusted based on the conditions of the race day to determine the Adjusted Ideal Time (AIT). An athlete’s PTO World Ranking points for his or her race will then be based on their race time set against the Adjusted Ideal Time.


Rock N Roll AZ Cancelled

With the health and safety of our community being an utmost priority, and in alignment with local authorities in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Marathon & ½ Marathon cannot take place as originally scheduled for Jan. 16-17. Based on internal evaluation and discussions regarding the viability of hosting the event in 2021, we have determined that Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona will return to the race calendar on Jan. 15-16, 2022. Participants that are registered for the event will receive an email with further details. While we are prevented from holding the event in 2021, we thank our athletes for their understanding and look forward to providing them with an exceptional race experience in the future.


What's New in the 303:

Bike Review: The Guerrilla Gravity Smash and Best Day of the Year–Adventures and Gear, Colorado Style

By Rob Quinn           

The word guerrilla (the diminutive of Spanish Guerra, “war”) stems from the duke of Wellington’s campaigns during the Peninsular war (1808-14) in which Spanish and Portuguese irregulars of guerrilleros, helped drive the French from the Iberian Peninsula.

Guerrilla Gravity was established in 2011 making welded aluminum travel-heavy bikes at 2031 Bryant Street, right by Mile High Stadium or whatever it’s called this year. It was a curious design when compared with the white-hot carbon fiber beauties these folks are cranking out today. The organic transition from a weld and build shop to one that builds and manufactures their own carbon fiber. A rarity in the cycling world.

Guerrilla Gravity’s mission statement is simple “Make mountain biking more awesome”. From what I experienced after 4 days on their top selling “Smash” they have executed mission critical goals.


Video of the Week:

Focus Daytona: Lionel Sanders EXCLUSIVE!



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