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303Endurance Podcast

Dec 18, 2021

Last week we reported on out on the Clash Daytona pro results and this week we have Rudy von Berg joining us to talk about his podium performance. We'll also talk about his recovery from Epstein Barr Virus and his race plans for 2022.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature Interview with Rudy von Berg
  • Endurance News
    • PTO Announces "PTO Tour" and $5.5M in prize money
    • World Triathlon sanctions Russian Triathlon Federation
    • UTMB World Series 2022 confirmed Events
  • What's new in the 303
    • Breakaway Athletics 2022 Schedule
    • Global Cycling Network


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Feature Interview with Rudy von Berg

After winning the U.S. Collegiate Nationals twice during his undergraduate years, Rodolphe committed to a full-time professional triathlon career on completion of his University of Colorado Business Marketing degree in 2017.


While many would consider that a risk, Von Berg’s approach marks him out as a man likely to achieve success in whatever career path he chooses. “I am driven by the fact that whatever I do in life, I want to do it extremely well, to my fullest capability, and discover how well I can do it. That is triathlon for me. A challenge every day to try to become better.”


Despite his rapid progress to the upper echelons of the sport and his drive to be the best at whatever he does, Rudy has a refreshing approach to achieving great results. He describes the best piece of training advice he can offer as: “Slow down, you don’t need to push your limits in any training day. It’s a brick-by-brick process… and no brick should be too heavy to handle.”


In 2020 Rudy finished Challenge Daytona in 5th place with a time of 3:06:40 just behind Lionel Sanders. 

94.42  August 8th of 2021 Rudy wins IRONMAN 70.3 Switzerland in a time of 3:42:17 and then came down with mono. While scheduled to race against Gustav Iden and Kyle Smith in The Collins Cup, he pulled out and let Collin Chartier take his place. 


Fast forward to Clash Daytona 2021 where he battled the likes of Kristian Blummenfelt, Magnus Ditlev, Matt Hansen and Ben Kanute.


Post Interview:

  • How many watts did he say should feel easy?
  • The pros really have a dilemma with the PTO tour and money, and it's exactly what the future of the sport needs.
  • I learned how to pronounce my cycling glasses



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Endurance News:


The Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) has today announced the launch of the PTO Tour revealing dates and locations for the first ever PTO US Open, PTO Canadian Open and the 2nd edition of the game-changing team competition – The Collins Cup.


The PTO Tour is a consolidation of PTO events into a ‘Tour’ concept where each event will see the world’s greatest non-drafting professional male and female triathletes competing for a prize purse of $1,000,0000 for each Open and $1,500,000 for The Collins Cup. With a full complement of events the PTO Tour will consist of a US Open, a Canadian Open, Asian Open, European Open and The Collins Cup. Professional Races in 2022 will see a men’s race and women’s race each a 100km distance to determine the ultimate athlete: 2km swim, 80km bike leg and a 18km run.


As well as professional racing, the PTO Tour will, for the first time, introduce age group racing, giving amateurs the opportunity to meet and race alongside the professionals, a hallmark of the sport of Triathlon. In addition to sprint (25 km) and middle distance (100km) age group triathlons, the PTO Tour events will include additional racing opportunities in the component sports of the Triathlon – Swim, Bike, Run, making the PTO Tour events a festival-like celebration of multisport. Age Group registration will open on 25th January.


Just like The Collins Cup, each PTO Tour event will have world class TV production broadcast live to a global audience and high-quality shoulder programming showcasing the stories of the PTO Professionals. In 2022, the PTO Tour will consist of the PTO Canadian Open in Edmonton, Canada on 23rd-24th July, The Collins Cup in Bratislava, Slovakia on 20th-21st August and the PTO US Open in Dallas, Texas on 17th-18th September with The Asian Open and European Open following in 2023.


This means the PTO will be putting up a total of $5,500,000 when the PTO rankings bonus pool of $2,000,000 is included in 2022, making it the highest prize purse in the sport.


World Triathlon sanctions Russian Triathlon Federation

World Triathlon’s Executive Board has decided to sanction the Russian Triathlon Federation due to… ‘the significant number of doping cases in Russia.’  The sanction will be effective for one year, and World Triathlon will review quarterly that necessary measures are being followed. The sanctions approved by the Executive Board, consist of the following:

  • The Russian Triathlon Federation will reach an agreement with RUSADA to test all Russian athletes, especially all those athletes who will be competing internationally.
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation will, together with World Triathlon, create an education plan for Russian athletes and coaches in regard to doping issues.
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation will compensate and refund the prize monies previously awarded to the Russian triathletes sanctioned with doping offences.
  • Russian Triathlon Federation officials must resign from any World Triathlon and European bodies for the period of one year.
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation cannot organise any World or European Triathlon events for one year (until the end of 2022).
  • The Russian National Federation is to reimburse World Triathlon for all costs (including but not limited to laboratory fees, hearing expenses and travel) related to any of the violations of the anti-doping rules committed by their athletes and coaches.
  • Sanctions must be taken inside the Russian National Triathlon Federation for any coach or official that is involved in any doping violation, and collaboration must be made with World Triathlon disciplinary bodies.


UTMB® World Series 2022 confirmed Events (As of 16 December 2021)

24 leading international events across 16 countries are now confirmed for the first ever UTMB (Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc). World Series, promising runners of all abilities from around the world the chance to immerse themselves in the UTMB® experience. UTMB® World Series Events are the only place where runners can collect running stones and begin their journey to UTMB® Mont-Blanc – the new home of the UTMB® World Series Finals.

  • Tarawera™ Ultramarathon by UTMB® (New Zealand), 12 February
  • Istria 100 by UTMB® (Croatia), 7-10 April
  • Canyons Endurance Runs by UTMB®, (USA) 23 April
  • Ultra-Trail Australia™ by UTMB® (Australia), 12-15 May
  • Trail du Saint-Jacques by UTMB® (France), 11 June
  • mozart 100™ by UTMB® (Austria), 18 June
  • La Sportiva® Lavaredo Ultra Trail® by UTMB® (Italy), 23-26 June
  • Trail 100 Andorra™ by UTMB® (Andorra), 24-26 June
  • Western States® 100-Mile Endurance Run (USA), 25-26 June
  • Speedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB® (USA), July
  • Ultra-Trail Snowdonia by UTMB®, (Wales), 1-3 July
  • Restonica Trail by UTMB® (France) 7-9 July
  • Val d'Aran by UTMB® (Spain), 7-10 July
  • Trail Verbier Saint-Bernard by UTMB®, (Switzerland), 8-10 July
  • Eiger Ultra Trail by UTMB®, (Switzerland), 15-17 July
  • Wildstrubel by UTMB®, (Switzerland), 8-11 September
  • Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB®, (Slovenia), 16-18 September
  • Nice Côte d’Azur by UTMB® (France), 22-25 September
  • Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB® (Mexico), October
  • Thailand by UTMB® (Thailand), 10-13 November
  • TransLantau™ by UTMB® (Hong Kong), 3-6 November
  • Panda Trail by UTMB® (China), dates TBC
  • Gaoligong by UTMB® (China), dates TBC
  • UTMB® World Series Finals; UTMB® Mont-Blanc (France, Italy, Switzerland), 22-28 August


What's New in the 303:


Breakaway Athletics Events Announces Race Schedule

  • NoCo 1/2 Marathon & 10K (5-14-22 race day) -Signups open 1-1-22 at 10am MST
  • Timberview Trail 5K, 5M & 10M (8-13-22 race day) -Signups open 1-7-22 at 9am MST
  • Last Call Triathlon (and multisport) (9-25-22 race day) -Signups open 1-14-22 at 9am MST
  • Narrowleaf Lake Run 4m, 7, & 10m (10-23-22 race day) -Signups open 1-21-22 at 9am MST


Placeholder for GCN. Global Cycling Network is a cycling-related YouTube channel which was launched in 2013. It is run by the multi-channel network Play Sports Network, a subsidiary of Discovery.



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