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303Endurance Podcast

Apr 12, 2020

If you are in your mid forties and think your best years are behind you, think again. Today we're taking you on a journey with endurance sports writer, coach and dare I say elite runner, Matt Fitzgerald. Matt decided to live out a dream to train and race with a professional running team to see exactly how much potential he still had in his 46 year old body. Ben Rosario is the coach of the Northern Arizona Elite running team. As you'll hear, Matt sought out Ben and NAE because of the coach and team's reputation and the opportunity to train at 7000 feet.

Thanks to last week's guest, Max Leonard for taking us through a cycling journey through the French Alps in HIGHER CALLING CYCLINGS OBSESSION WITH THE MOUNTAINS.

Also in today's show:

  • The new 303 Endurance Podcast is live!
  • What's new in the 303
  • Endurance News
  • Video of the Week x 2



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Interview with Matt Fitzgerald:

If you haven't read any of Matt Fitzgerald's books, there's a reason that he has more than 20 books. Let's get into the interview.


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Post Interview Discussion:


Endurance News:

Sam (big unit) Long takes the Mt. Lemmon KOM and then does a 4.5

Sam Long takes the KOM on Mt. Lemmon from Lionel Sanders.

How Coronavirus Is Impacting Pro Cycling

As coronavirus continues to spread around the globe, pro cycling is ever increasingly feeling its effects.

The Union Cycliste Internacionale (UCI) has suspended all cycling events of all classifications on the calendar until at least June 1, and it will later communicate whether the events will be rescheduled. Despite the widespread postponements and cancellations in the cycling world due to coronavirus, the Tour de France has made no indication that the schedule will be altered.


What's New in the 303:

Cody Waite, “Take This Opportunity to Build Your Most Powerful Aerobic Base Yet”

In light of the current worldwide health crisis and cancellations of at least the Spring racing season, everyone’s plans have changed… and so should our training!

Many riders are choosing to be on their indoor trainers utilizing online training apps while others are willing to venture outside to keep racking up the miles. However, instead of smashing yourself with high-intensity training or epic long rides with no events in sight on the calendar, take a step back and target your Aerobic Threshold energy system. Take this opportunity of ‘no racing’ to build your most powerful aerobic base yet!


Video of the Week:

RECAP: IRONMAN VR 1 Men's Pro Challenge (4-5-20)

He pulled the plug... / IRONMAN VR Race


Upcoming Interviews:

Sue Reynolds In The Athlete Inside (April 28), Reynolds takes readers through her transformational journey from her first walk to finishing sixth at the World Triathlon Championship.

Matt Miller from BASE Performance talking about a number of topics including the IRONMAN purchase, being a guide for blind athletes and the COVID-19 impact on the sports nutrition business.



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