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303Endurance Podcast

Apr 30, 2022

Welcome to Episode #334 of the 303 Endurance Podcast. You are listening to your weekly connection to coaches, experts, and pro athletes to help you reach your endurance goals. We're your hosts coach Rich Soares and 303 Chief Bill Plock. Thanks for joining us for another week of endurance interviews and discussion.


Today is our St George IM WC Preview Special.


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In Today's Show

  • Endurance News
    • Ironman Texas last weekend
    • Sam Long still racing St G despite being hit by a car while training
    • IMWC St George
  • What's new in the 303
    •  Primal NY Bike
    • Ride the Rockies
  • Video of the Week
    • Ben Hoffman & Magnus Ditlev Sprint Finish - 2022 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas


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Endurance News:


Ironman Texas


Sam Long Still On For St G

You can’t keep a good man down.

After my 🚗 🚴 incident yesterday I am happy to report I will definitely still be at St. G in top form. It’s a reminder that there is no perfect training plan and that things happen. My team and I have modified the plan to make sure the body will be ready. One plus side is that it helps shape the mental landscape in a positive and beneficial way.


10 days till race day. Catch up with me on @lsanderstri YouTube channel. I am fired up to race!


IRONMAN World Championship in St. George

Bill's readout on Mark Allen's

Mark Allen picks – Women

I think Laura Philipp is going to be the one to beat. She had an amazing 2021, she won IRONMAN Austria at 8:35, running 2:44 in the marathon. She knows how to do the distance really really well.


This year she crushed her opening race at IRONMAN 70.3 Dubai, winning handily. She’s on a roll and may well be the woman to beat in St George in May.


Laura Philipp looks perfectly placed to make a big run for victory.

Then we have Kat Matthews, who was fourth in St George at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in 2021. She has experience on that course and has shown that she knows how to race in those conditions.


Kat was also second in 2021 at IRONMAN Tulsa behind the great Daniela Ryf – probably one of the few races last year where Daniela performed to something like her usual lofty standards.


Mark Allen picks – Men

Top of my list for the men is Gustav Iden – he’s showed he can put it together on the big days. He won 70.3 Worlds in Nice in 2019 and in St George in 2021. He debuted at the full distance in IRONMAN Florida in 2021, going 7:42. Not a bad time for a first Ironman I would say!


Gustav hasn’t raced yet in 2022, but I have seen some of the training days he is putting in and he will have no lack of fitness in St George.


Joining Gustav is somebody who is now coached by his brother Mikal – namely ‘No Limits’ himself, Lionel Sanders. In May of 2021 Lionel and Sam Long fought out an incredible 70.3 in St George before Lionel outsprinted ‘The Big Unit’. Again, he knows how to race on that course.


Lionel was also second behind Iden at IRONMAN Florida in 2021, and then he finished second in a sprint at 70.3 Oceanside to kick off 2022. He had some problems on the bike – he couldn’t go as fast as he had wanted to. But he produced the fastest run on the day, he’s in a terrific shape, he has a new coach and this is a course that he is designed to do well on.


Rich's readout on Thorsten Radde's Report


What's New in the 303:

Discuss in the morning

  •  Primal NY Bike
  • Ride the Rockies


Video of the Week:

Ben Hoffman & Magnus Ditlev Sprint Finish - 2022 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Texas



Upcoming Guests:

 Suzie Snyder was 2021 USAT Off-road triathlete of the year, lives in Boulder and will be fun to talk to about her career as a pro.



Thanks again for listening in this week.  Please be sure to follow us @303endurance and of course go to iTunes and give us a rating and a comment.  We'd really appreciate it!

Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!