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303Endurance Podcast

Mar 9, 2024

Episode #430 303Triathlon


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In Today's Show

  • Question of the Week - What do you like most about your cycling or triathlon club?
  • Cycling News/Updates - Anti-doping at amateur race; UCI is banning time trial helmet
  • Triathlon News/Updates -  How and Who to Watch at Clash Miami; WTCS Abu Dhabi; 303Triathlon
  • Coaching Tip of the Week - Begin with the end in mind


Question of the Week:


What do you like most about your cycling or triathlon club? Is it the group training? Is it the cracking beers together? Is it the discounts you get? Is it the kit? We want to hear from you



303Cycling News and Updates:

Anti-doping showed up at an amatuer race in Valencia, 130 riders drop out



The UCI is banning time trial helmet optimisations - one day after Giro lid broke cover


303Triathlon News and Updates:


WTCS Abu Dhabi 2024: Full women’s start list and bib numbers


WTCS Abu Dhabi 2024: Full men’s start list and bib numbers


How to Watch This Weekend’s Free PTO T100 Miami Livestream


303Triathlon - It Must be a Calling

What to expect from 303Triathlon. We will continue be at as many local Colorado races as we can get to. You'll probably see me more than Bill at the triathlon events as Bill is more likely to be seen at cycling events. You will continue to see an article every couple of weeks and Facebook and Instagram posts weekly. I want 303Triathlon to share your stories. I want to invite those who want to contribute to contribute. Whether it's responding to a post or submitting a story. If you have a story about your training, a race, your club - go to the Contact Us page at and let us know.


Coaching Tip of the Week:

Scheduling The Finish:

This past weekend I got to meet with Mark Allen to talked about the mindset of a champion. He shared his thoughts and tips on how to think and act like a champion. I got a ton of great tips about defining your goal, committing to it, designing your process, and adjusting as needed along the way.


Inspired by Mark's tips, I want to share how I as a coach "schedule the finish" for my athletes.


Defining the goal: Knowing the race distance, location and date we can know exactly the fitness required for the distance, altitude, elevation change, temperature, humidity, age, gender and weight, we can determine exactly how much fitness that athlete will need to race at their potential.


A plan: We know the demand of the day and we can design a plan that, if followed, will get you to that goal.


Adapt: If your fitness comes on fast, the plan will adjust and adapt. If the fitness slows, the plan will adjust and adapt. If you miss a workout or get an injury, you have a coach to help you adjust and adapt. I have two athletes with injuries at the moment and both are on elliptical machines instead of running.


Commit: This is completely in control by the athlete. They need to know their reasons. Their why? Why is this important? One of my athletes wants to do a 70.3 to prove to his son and his brother-in-laws that he's still tough in his 50s. He is using the race as a vehicle to raise money for a church in Africa, so he has another purpose bigger than himself. As a pastor at a local church, he has made his congregation aware of his goal and invited them to support


Process: No this is the toughest.


1. If it's the first thing you do, you have a 100% chance of getting it done. Putting off your workout to the lunch hour or after work always runs the risk of being overtaken by events. Figure out when you need to wake up to get your workout done and still be on time for family and work responsibilities. Set the alarm clock and get the workout done first.


2. Once you know when to set your alarm, back into your lights out time and give yourself a minimum of 8 hours. If you need to wake up at 4:30 am, get to bed by 8:30 pm. When that alarm goes off at 4:30 am, there are a lot of voices in your head making arguments for you to go back to sleep. If you get to bed early, you can reject the "I didn't get enough sleep" argument and get up with confidence.


3. Put your workouts on your calendar just like any other appointment. You keep your appointments, and this one is no exception. Dignify its importance and keep it visible.


4. Share your schedule and training plans with your family or friends. This helps them to understand your new schedule patterns and communicating it firms up your commitment to make it happen. 


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