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303Endurance Podcast

Nov 13, 2021

This week we have the youngest person to ever win Leadville 100 trail run. At the age of 23 Annie Hughes has been winning some of the most competitive ultramarathon she has raced this year, including Collegiate Peaks 50, Leadville 100 and the Moab 240.

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In Today's Show

  • Interview with Annie Hughes
  • Endurance News
    • IM Florida and the return of the NYC Marathon
  • What's new in the 303
    • Weekly Spin and Inside Tracker
  • Videos of the Week
    • Annie Hughes finish
    • IM Florida Pro Highlights
    • Most Epic Ski Run

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Interview with Annie Hughes

Annie Hughes is a 23 year old ultra running phenome from Leadville, Colorado.  She ran track and cross country at Buena Vista High School.  She went on to run at Adams State and is now taking the ultramarathon scene by storm. 

Annie Hughes (@outdoorable_annie) • Instagram photos and videos

Annie Hughes' Results (

Annie Hughes Interview (


Leadville champion Annie Hughes runs with gratitude (

Annie Hughes - Stats (

The Story Behind Moab 240 Champion Annie Hughes — ATRA (


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Endurance News:



Results -

  • Gustav Iden wins with a 7:42:57. 
  • Lionel Sanders comes in 2nd with a 7:48:50
  • Heather Jackson takes out the win with a 8:52:57
  • Skye Moench in 2nd with a 8:56:36
  • Talking to John Mayfield at TriDot who raced Florida last weekend, the swim conditions were really choppy and the current was strong in spots.
  • 1st place pro swim 2021 vs 2020;
    • Gustav 58:09 in 2021 and Chris Leiferman 54:40 in 2020
    • Heather Jackson 1:10:19 in 2021 and Katrina Matthews 58:57 in 2020


NYC Marathon

Results -

Highlights From the 50th New York City Marathon: Kenyans Dominate as the City Celebrates

Marking a jubilant return, some 30,000 competitors made the 26.2-mile journey across the five boroughs.

After being canceled last year because of the coronavirus pandemic, the New York City Marathon returned on Sunday for its 50th running. For many New Yorkers, the race served as a metaphor for the city’s arduous recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, an opportunity to express pride and indulge in community after months of lockdowns and halting efforts to reopen.

Upcoming Guests

Jake Kilgore is the race director of the DC Peaks 50 that has an epic story this year.  Speaking of stories, Jake is also author of the book Trail Running: Learning Perseverance Through Life's Aid Stations.  Jake has an amazing story of navigating through adversity both on and off the run course.


Video Of The Week

Ironman Florida 2021 Race Movie

Markus Eder's The Ultimate Run - The Most Insane Ski Run Ever Imagined

2021 Leadville 100 Run Women's Finish | Annie Hughes, Genevieve Harrison, and Blake Wageman



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