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303Endurance Podcast

Jan 30, 2021

This week we have Sam Long joining us to talk about how exciting he made 2020 for us triathlon fans!  We'll talk about how he inspired us in 2020 with his KOMs, Everesting achievements, Bear Lake Brawl, Daytona and what he has planned for 2021.


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In Today's Show

  • Feature interview with Sam Long
  • Endurance News - Boston Marathon 
  • What New in the 303 - Mountain Swim Series Dates; New Lonetree Sprint
  • Video of the Week - Sam Long 1K Swim Test
  • Swimming discussion
  • Bike Trainer


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Interview with Sam Long

We had our first interview with Sam 2 years ago in his first year as a pro.  If he wasn't on everyone's radar back then, he is now.  We're going to chat about how far his career has progressed in such a short period of time.  Heck half of that time was in a pandemic.  He gave us something to cheer for in 2020.  He found a way to make training fun in 2020.  He found a way to compete when there weren't races in 2020....even get under peoples skin in 2020.  He seems to be giving his sponsors a ton of value.  Let's get into the interview with Sam Long.


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Endurance News:

2021 Boston Marathon Is Scheduled For October 11; All Six World Marathon Majors to Be Contested in 6-Week Span

The B.A.A. announced Tuesday that the 2021 Boston Marathon will take place on Monday, October 11. The race had already been postponed from its traditional spot on the calendar in April and until today remained the only World Marathon Major yet to announce a date for its 2021 edition. The announcement comes with one significant caveat — it will only take place if Massachusetts’ reopening plan allows for road races by the fall.

“We announce the 2021 Boston Marathon date with a cautious optimism, understanding full well that we will continue to be guided by science and our continued collaborative work with local, city, state, and public health officials,” B.A.A president and CEO Tom Grilk said in a press release.

Boston is the only WMM to be held on a weekday, traditionally taking place on Patriots’ Day — the third Monday in April and a state holiday in Massachusetts. This year’s race will retain the Monday date and will coincide with a national holiday, Columbus Day. With the Chicago Marathon scheduled for October 10, this also means two of the world’s largest marathons will be contested on consecutive days.

The most condensed World Major Marathons schedule in history is now set — all six WMM events are slated to be held within a six-week span in the fall. Here’s how it will look (with the Olympics included as well):

August 7 – Women’s Olympic Marathon

August 8 – Men’s Olympic Marathon

September 26: Berlin Marathon

October 3: London Marathon

October 10: Chicago Marathon

October 11: Boston Marathon

October 17: Tokyo Marathon

November 7: New York City Marathon

Endurance Exchange Follow Up

The Road to Tokyo 2021: Preparation

  • Expected to be a super hot swim; Tokyo bay; barrier to open water to keep it cleaner and cooler
  • Tokyo venue
  • Olympic marathon is moved way outside Tokyo due to the heat
  • Cooling pools
  • Putting ice water bottles in the bottle cages during the swim.
  • Letting coaches provide bottles on the run
  • 800 meters of the bike and run course that's on the sand.  Platform half mile long. 
  • Para is a little more condensed.  Usually fewer turns.
  • Test event using cooling ice vests; cooling stations on the run; stockings filled with ice cubes.
  • Challenge getting the vests fully frozen.


One-on-One with World Champion Katie Zaferes and Tommy!

  • Dynamic of women's racing - attacking on the bike right from the start.  "The bike matters."  Breakaways are common and you know who they are going to be.
  • Tommy Zaferes photography - favorite of Gustav Eden.


What's New in the 303:


Mountain Swim Series Announces Race Dates

The organizers of Mountain Swim Series are really excited for a 2021 race season! “The State of Colorado has provided guidance for outdoor events this summer, and we expect to host all four of our open water swims this summer!”​


The 2021 Mountain Swim Series dates are on the books, check them out below, and registration opens on the first week of February. You will get an email letting you know that registration is open! But first, a couple of quick notes:


There is NO have race-day registration this year, and we will have to close registration 1-week in advance of all races. Please sign up early if you want to swim!!


The dates for the swim series are as follows:

Solstice Sunset Swim – Longmont, End of June, not yet confirmed:

This event includes a 1.2 mi, 2.4 mi, and the NEW 500 YD swims!

Carter Lake – Saturday July 17th, 2021:

An out and back 3-mile swim, similar to 2020, in beautiful Northern Colorado.

Chatfield Classic – Sunday August 15th, 2021:

Limited to 200 participants, sign up in while there is still space! 

This event includes a 500 yd, 1 mile and 2 mile swim!

The Castle 2.5K/5K/10K – In Bailey, Saturday August 28th, 2021:

This is the highest altitude organized marathon swim event in the country! We will have the camping option again on Friday night – which you’ll find through the swim registration site. Camping is $40 for a 4 person site and will decrease your morning day of drive!

New Triathlon, New Venue; The Lonetree Sprint South of Loveland, July 31st

Lake to Lake Events is adding a brand new triathlon in a brand new venue on July 31st. The very popular Lake to Lake Triathlon will be held as usual on June 26th, but event producer Peggy Shockley is adding a sprint triathlon utilizing Lone Tree Reservoir located just south of Loveland– – the Lonetree Sprint.

With a slightly longer bike than your traditional Sprint, this event caters perfectly to those who enjoy spending time in the saddle, especially through our beautiful Colorado Foothills.


To learn more and register, go to:


Video of the Week:

1000 Yard TEST SET


Upcoming Interviews:

Chaz Davis @blackkidrunning has since traveled across the country to compete, holding three American records and, most recently, was named the 2018 United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) Men’s Marathon Champion. Chaz looks forward to this new chapter in his life with his dog Tricia as he pursues his Master’s degree in social work to help people with disabilities. He was recently featured on the Disney+ series IT'S A DOGS LIFE.



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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!